65: Sunday March 08, 2020 | Rich Watson – Detox: I'm Starvin'!

Because we live in a toxic world, our thoughts, relationships, and past engulf us

We need a detox of soul, spirit, mind & body
– What do you feel like on the days you’re detoxing?
Discipline — choosing what you want most over what you want now

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
– we worry about what we look like, dress, and talk like
– We (the people) are the Church, so why do we treat our body like an unfinished basement rather than a temple
– if the body is out of order, it can affect the mind and vice versa
We have 50-70,000 thoughts a day
– 92% of those thoughts are the same thoughts
– 80% of those thoughts are negative
– these thoughts weaken your body

What you feed grows, what you starve dies

What We Need to Starve:
1. Negativity
– our environments can be very toxic
– you can’t live by your feelings
– Philippians 4:8
2. Doubt
– it all started in the Garden
– the enemy starts telling you things that aren’t true about yourself then you start believing them and doubting God
– Proverbs 3:5-6
– Trust what God says
– sin starts small and ends big
3. Worry
– worry pulls tomorrow’s clouds over today’s sunshine
– worry is like running on a treadmill because you always end up in the same place but never have progress to show for it
– a substance cannot fix what is eternally wrong with you
– Philippians 4:6
– the Bible is the prescription to help detox everything into your life
4. Guilt and Shame
– Psalms 32:3-4
– Do you wallow in your guilt & shame?
– Christ already paid the price for that on the cross — He’s taking care of it
– we try to bury it
– Provers 19:3
– you’re only as sick as your secrets
– when you come clean with God it makes you feel better
– you can’t live in two seasons. guilt and shame can keep you in the past instead of the future God has for you
5. Sin
– definition: missing the Mark
– God wants us to keep shooting and trying to hit the target. He doesn’t want you to give up & lose heart
– What are you aiming at? Quit aiming at what you want & aim at what God wants
– Psalm 32:5

Detox yourself from social media for 1 week

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