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48: Sunday, November 10, 2019 | REFUGE NIGHT | Ashley Durrett: Anxiety

48: Sunday, November 10, 2019 | REFUGE NIGHT | Ashley Durrett: Anxiety 150 150 Melissa Scott

47: Sunday, November 10, 2019 | Rich Watson – Blessed Life//Obedience

47: Sunday, November 10, 2019 | Rich Watson – Blessed Life//Obedience 150 150 Melissa Scott

Obedience: compliance with an order, submission to someone else’s authority
– we don’t want anyone telling us what to do
– we live in a culture that promotes that WE are our own God

Proverbs 14:12

God provided everything man needed in the Garden
– there was one tree they couldn’t eat from
– God gave them a choice, he wanted us to have free will. We worship Him because we GET to
– He wanted our hearts
– the enemy is always trying to disrespect what God has created. He’s trying to disappoint us
– Why is obedience so hard?
– because our sinful nature came from the choice to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree

The Cause of Obedience in Our Lives
– Deuteronomy 28:1-2
– God wants to put you together with no missing ingredients. EVERY PART MATTERS.
– He’s giving us the instructions or ingredients to live a whole life.
– When we obey Him, He makes us the best version of who we can be
– we can’t expect God to bless our mess. He created us to be less messy.
– consistency is the key to breakthrough
– you have to be consistent in your giving
– obedience has to be consistent
– Obedience to God when we don’t want to, when it hurts, and when it’s not convenient

1. Obedience produces popularity
– Deuteronomy 28:3-4
– obedience opens opportunities for us to have influence in this world
– if you want doors to open in your life, be obedient to God
2. Obedience produces protection
– Deuteronomy 28:7
– God does not promise us a life without enemies, but he promises victory over our enemies if we are obedient
– God promises that when we walk in obedience — enemies will be defeated before our eyes (visible victory) & the enemies plans will be scattered all over the place
– Proverbs 16:7
3. Obedience produces provision and prosperity
– Deuteronomy 28:8
– provision is supply us with what we need
– obedience can help you prosper
– investments, a paycheck, etc. are not your source. God is your provider & source.
– God wants to give us the desires of our heart
– if it’s in His will He wants to give it to you
4. Obedience produces promise
– Deuteronomy 28:9
– God is looking to establish you — to make firm and to make stable.
– Deuteronomy 28:13
– we need to pay attention to God’s IFs
– IFs is a conjunction. it’s a connection with God, not a condition
– if you listen to God’s IFs, you will live a blessed life

46: Sunday November 01, 2019 | Mindy Watson – Blessed Life//Generosity

46: Sunday November 01, 2019 | Mindy Watson – Blessed Life//Generosity 150 150 Melissa Scott

Acts 20:35
– Because of one little boys generosity it changed the course of 10,000+ people’s lives

John 6:1-3
Mark 6:34-37
John 6:8-9
Matthew 14:19-21

3 Things to Do to Live a Blessed Life:
1. Surrender
Surrender your life to God so He can bless it.
2. Be broken
We’ve gotta be broken like Jesus broke the bread
– brokenness brings humbleness in the Lord’s presence, we get very close to the Lord
– smart people learn from their mistakes but wise people learn from others mistakes
3. Give
Jesus gabe the bread and fish to the disciples to (1) increase their faith and (2) to teach them generosity
– (1) He takes what we give and he multiplies it
– (2) We learn by action
You become blessed by giving. You become confident by doing the very thing you’re afraid to do. You become disciplined by doing what you don’t always want to do.
– the little boy could have eaten his bread and been full, but because he gave it to Jesus it was multiplied and fed thousands of people, that’s what makes us have true fullness.

Some people have a bad attitude when churches talk about giving:
– every time you gone you are giving to God
– it is the stewardship of the Church that God looks at
– He wants you to give your money, but also give your time, talents, and energy
– He doesn’t want your money, he wants your heart!!!
– where your treasure is your heart is also
– “When you seek first the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness, all things else will be added to you”

Malachi 3:8-11
– we don’t give to get but when we give God will put His blessing on
– anything you want to be blessed, has to be in covenant
– Put the pressure on God

If you want to live a blessed life, you want to be a tither
– the enemy will do anything to keep you from God’s principals because once you learn it, it will transform your life & bring impact into the Kingdom of God and bring revival to the world

Test God and see what happens when you tithe. Try it this month and see what happens

45: Sunday October 27, 2019 | Rich Watson – Back to Life

45: Sunday October 27, 2019 | Rich Watson – Back to Life 150 150 Melissa Scott

The Israelites possessed the blessings in the promised land but they forgot who the real
blesser was.

Ezekiel 37:1
– The Israelites found themselves in a valley of hopelessness
– there are going to be valleys in your life. the enemy is going to want to use the valley to hurt you

What do you do in the valley?
– You don’t listen to the valley
– it’s going to tell you there’s no hope
– isolation is one of the biggest tools of the enemy
– when he isolated he dominates
– You gotta step into your valley
– you don’t achieve great faith until you give God your small faith
– you don’t have awesome faith until you have broken faith
– give God your “not enough”
– He wants you to come the way you are so He can make you whole
– God allows valleys so you can get closer to Him
– fruit grows in the valley, not in the mountain
– God grows us in the valleys
– Don’t talk about the valleys talk TO the valleys
– say it until you see it
– Keep walkin
– you walk through the valleys you don’t camp out in them
– Psalms 23:4
– Even if it’s slow progress, MOVE FORWARD.
– Where you’re at today doesn’t determine where you’re going
Ezekiel 37:2-14
– wherever we go there are people who need hope and expectation breathed into them
– You get what you expect
– God is looking for available people
– We get dry over a period of time
– we let the exposure to things we shouldn’t be exposed to dry us up
– How to put meat on your bones:
– not optional!!!
– THE WORD (the Bible)
– be intentional
– there should be a time and place
– We are thirsty for things of the world
– He wants to fill us up with Him so we don’t go back to the same things we used to
– are you thirsting for the wrong things?
2 Timothy 3:16-17
– he wants the word to get implanted in us so we can be complete

You’ve gotta learn to listen to something that you’re not used to listening to
– praise and worship is not for you it’s for HIM

The world says “rest in peace” but God says “RISE IN POWER”
– dead thing are coming back to life
– our dreams and hopes and future
– sometimes there are things you need to leave in the grave

The answer to emptiness and dryness is the Holy Spirit

44: Sunday October 20, 2019 | Guest Speaker: John Teele – You’re Covered

44: Sunday October 20, 2019 | Guest Speaker: John Teele – You’re Covered 150 150 Melissa Scott

A message by special guest – Pastor John Teele of Bold City Church in Jacksonville Florida.

43 : Sunday October 13, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series – Something Worth Fighting For

43 : Sunday October 13, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series – Something Worth Fighting For 150 150 Melissa Scott

1 Samuel 17:20-47

Fight through feelings to get to the facts
– fight through the things that come naturally in our minds because we have an assignment

1. Will you fight for your assignment?
– You have to be willing to do the small and insignificant things
    – if you don’t serve the small you will never get the bigger things
– The assignment isn’t the small thing, you get the assignment after you do the small thing
Our opportunities are wrapped in obedience
– obedience, submission, discipline always lead to new assignments
    – obedience doesn’t always require details
        – we wanna know the plan before we do it but that’s not always how God works
    – the details are in the going
    – Normal obedience is important
        – serving
        – giving
        – praying
    – God wants to give us more but He’s not going to give more until we finish what we started
– No good shepherd leaves his sheep with no one to watch over them
    – David left his sheep with the keeper

You carry the supplies someone needs
– David’s assignment was about to change because he was willing to go

2. Who are you fighting?
– you have to learn to tune out all the negative people in your life
    – negative people can set you back. they can set your cause & purpose back
– the enemy will always try to create something new to distract you from your purpose
– Discouragement stands in way of your purpose
    – It took Noah 120 years to build the boat
        – People were telling him he was crazy
            – but when God is in something, he’s going to make that thing work
    – everyone has an opinion in where you’re going
– David leaves the distraction behind

Prayer is the posture that changes everything
– God aligns us with things that will bring him glory
    – If you speak the name of Jesus everything changes

3. Who are we fighting for?
– God qualifies the unqualified
1 Corinthians 1:27
Psalms 37:23-24
– The Lord uses everything in our journey, good or bad, to bring glory to His name
    – Don’t let your past journey keep you from your new destination
        – Don’t let where you’ve been keep you from where you’re going
Is there not a cause worth fighting for?
 2 Chronicles 7:14
– there are things you can do to change the conditions
– The pursuit of God leads to knowledge
We’ve gotta stand up for what we believe in.
God is looking for a generation of world changers
– it wasn’t about just keeping the sheep, it was about their livelihood
– it wasn’t just a giant, it was a nation!!

42 : Sunday October 6, 2019 | Kegan Wesley – David Series – A Man After God’s Own Heart

42 : Sunday October 6, 2019 | Kegan Wesley – David Series – A Man After God’s Own Heart 150 150 Melissa Scott

Acts 13:22

Israel wanted a king but God wanted a heart

God found a man after His own heart
– this indicates there was a SEARCH
    – search for someone who is interested in his heart
    – God is not mad at you he is madly in love with you
        – He is constantly chasing after you
1 Samuel 13:14
2 Chronicles 16:9
– Gods eyes are running after you
What is that made David someone God looked at?
– David stepped in because Saul was disobedient
– acceptance of Gods full forgiveness
– Psalms 51
    – leaders can mess up & make mistakes but it’s the way we respond that makes us leaders
    – forgiveness says that “i’m sorry that I’ve hurt your heart”
– Jeremiah 31:34
    – God will completely erase your sins from his mind if you repent & ask for forgiveness
– When things went wrong in David’s life he sought Gods Word
    – He realized that the Word of God is everlasting
– David was always asking God for guidance
1 Samuel 23:1-4
1 Samuel 30:8
2 Samuel 5:19
2 Samuel 5:23
2 Samuel 21:1
– “and David inquired of the Lord”
– David had to trust God with every aspect of his life
– Psalms 27:13-14
    – Don’t lose heart, wait on the Lord

David was AFTER God’s heart

41 : Sunday September 29, 2019 | “X” Youth Night – Alyssa Peak

41 : Sunday September 29, 2019 | “X” Youth Night – Alyssa Peak 150 150 Melissa Scott

X Youth night – Alyssa Peak speaking!

40: Sunday September 29, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series: There’s Purpose in the Pasture

40: Sunday September 29, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series: There’s Purpose in the Pasture 150 150 Melissa Scott

1 Samuel 16:11-
– He was seen but still overlooked
– David had to choose to go to the party even though he wasn’t invited
– sometimes you gotta go even when you don’t feel like it
– There is a place at the table that only you can fill
– sometimes we see weakness and God sees strength

What do you think the journey back to the pasture looked like for David after he was anointed as king?
1. The Pasture is Not Punishment
– if you treat the pasture as punishment you’re always going to be in timeout
– David started to let hurt & pride come in
– God had to eliminate the WHY to get to the WHAT
– God sent him back to the pasture to prepare
– There is a process you have to go through
– Isaiah 40:31
– God elevates through elimination
– Correction in private will avoid being corrected in public
– Correction is a good thing
– God took David into the private places & corrected him
– there are things that God wants us to unlearn some habits & learn some new ones
– Gods timing is not our timing
How did David not lose hope after 20 years of waiting?
– serving looks like doing things you don’t want to do for the season that you’re in
– what looks like humiliation really is preparation

Waiting on God does not mean doing nothing

2. Pasture turns obstacles into opportunities
– David learned how to be with God
– He turned the obstacle of silence into listening
– “Be still and know that I am God”
– He took the mundane and turned it into practice
– we have to take our boredom and turn it into battle ready

3. The Pasture helps you see something differently
– David started seeing things through God’s eyes
– Look at your scars as a badge of honor not of death
God does his best work when no one else is looking
– God is more interested in preparation than punishment

We live in a world where we want to be seen but God wants to work with us in private

God didn’t get to know David in the palace, He got to know him in the pasture

39: Sunday September 22, 2019 | Mindy Watson – David Series : Just a Glance

39: Sunday September 22, 2019 | Mindy Watson – David Series : Just a Glance 150 150 Melissa Scott

David had achieved great success but the devil comes as an angel of light so he can pull us off the path and distract us from what God has for us
– sometimes we get really busy doing good things for God when he really just wants our relationship
– does God have your heart and your gaze?

2 Samuel 11:1 – 27
– first red flag in verse 1
– While all of the men are out fighting, David stays at home
– He knew what to do but he didn’t do it
– how many times do we do our own thing when God tells us a better way?
– Romans 12:2
– We MUST take those thoughts captive so we can shake them
– David saw Bathsheba at JUST A GLANCE
– when we ignore the red flags that the Holy Spirit sends we will fall
– it takes a lot longer to get up then to fall
– both David and Bathsheba were exposed
– The devil tempts us with just a little
– we have to keep our guards up or he will take us out
– Just a glance turned into a downward spiral of sin
– a little lust turned into a little adultery which turned into deception and eventually turned into murder
– a slow fade
– Culture today has watered down scripture so much that we don’t think there are consequences to our sin anymore
– the Bible says sin is death — spiritual death
– you end up getting further & further from the Lord
– When we are rebuked and challenged, we have a decision to make
– we can get mad at the messenger
– or we can take what they tell us and process it with the lord
– these challenges don’t come from a hateful heart, but rather from love
David was called a man after God’s own heart
– he was not perfect but the reason because he was called this is because he didn’t stay in failure. He got back up and repented and received forgiveness.
God is in the restoration business