You Belong Here

CREWs are the lifeline to community! Our CREWs are small groups of 7-15 people that meet once a month all over Louisville and surrounding areas. There is a group for everyone!

How Do I Join a CREW?

1. Choose a CREW
2. Sign up at next steps bar
3. Show up!


Our CREWS meet once a month in and around Louisville! Visit the Next Steps bar before or after service to learn more and sign up.

Young Adult CoEd CREW
Ages 20 - 30
Pastor Mindy

Tuesday nights at 6:30pm

Mom's Night Out
Monica Ball + Brandi Nicholson

Tuesday nights at 6:30pm

Power of Prayer
Renee Jones

Tuesday nights at 6:30pm

Pastor Rich

Second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm

Soaking Crew
Worship and Prayer
Jenny Hogg

Wednesday nights at 6:30pm

Culture of Grace
Mary Jo Hawkins

Thursday nights at 6:30pm

Walking with God
Ed Smith + Eric Mason

Every Friday night at 6:30pm

Adventures CREW
All ages
Pastor Johnny

Saturday mornings at 9:00am

Refuge CREW
Middle and High School
Trey Eck + Paige Post

Saturday nights at 6:30pm

Marriage CREW
Chuck + Teresa Miller

Second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm