43 : Sunday October 13, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series – Something Worth Fighting For

1 Samuel 17:20-47

Fight through feelings to get to the facts
– fight through the things that come naturally in our minds because we have an assignment

1. Will you fight for your assignment?
– You have to be willing to do the small and insignificant things
    – if you don’t serve the small you will never get the bigger things
– The assignment isn’t the small thing, you get the assignment after you do the small thing
Our opportunities are wrapped in obedience
– obedience, submission, discipline always lead to new assignments
    – obedience doesn’t always require details
        – we wanna know the plan before we do it but that’s not always how God works
    – the details are in the going
    – Normal obedience is important
        – serving
        – giving
        – praying
    – God wants to give us more but He’s not going to give more until we finish what we started
– No good shepherd leaves his sheep with no one to watch over them
    – David left his sheep with the keeper

You carry the supplies someone needs
– David’s assignment was about to change because he was willing to go

2. Who are you fighting?
– you have to learn to tune out all the negative people in your life
    – negative people can set you back. they can set your cause & purpose back
– the enemy will always try to create something new to distract you from your purpose
– Discouragement stands in way of your purpose
    – It took Noah 120 years to build the boat
        – People were telling him he was crazy
            – but when God is in something, he’s going to make that thing work
    – everyone has an opinion in where you’re going
– David leaves the distraction behind

Prayer is the posture that changes everything
– God aligns us with things that will bring him glory
    – If you speak the name of Jesus everything changes

3. Who are we fighting for?
– God qualifies the unqualified
1 Corinthians 1:27
Psalms 37:23-24
– The Lord uses everything in our journey, good or bad, to bring glory to His name
    – Don’t let your past journey keep you from your new destination
        – Don’t let where you’ve been keep you from where you’re going
Is there not a cause worth fighting for?
 2 Chronicles 7:14
– there are things you can do to change the conditions
– The pursuit of God leads to knowledge
We’ve gotta stand up for what we believe in.
God is looking for a generation of world changers
– it wasn’t about just keeping the sheep, it was about their livelihood
– it wasn’t just a giant, it was a nation!!

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