My Big Church Podcasts
My Big Church Podcasts
35: Sunday August 25, 2019 | Rich Watson : Yard Sale

Thing You Get When You Ask Your Kids to Clean Their Room:

        0.      “What mess?” 
        ⁃       just because you pretend it’s not there doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist 
matthew 23:25 
        ⁃       social media always tries to get you to see the best picture 
        ⁃       you position yourself to be in the right place 
        ⁃       you portray a false identity 
        ⁃       outside reputation is worth more than inside transformation
        ⁃       transformation is messy. it’s something you don’t want to do because you have to leave the old behind 

        0.      They Put It Under The Bed or Throw it Into the Closet 
        ⁃       moving the stuff does NOT make it go away! 
        ⁃       on the outside there are things you can’t  see but the inside it’s a mess 
        ⁃       transferring your stuff to other parts only puts it in more places 
        ⁃       when you move your stuff it starts to overflow and when it overflows it starts to show 
        ⁃       we can’t stuff our problems in a corner and not deal with them 

How Do You Deal With It?
        ⁃       you need a spiritual yard sale 

Isaiah 43:18 
        ⁃       God wants to take us from an old mindset to a new mindset 
        ⁃       a lot of times we hold onto something because of the appearance of it 

The enemy wants to keep reminding you of your guilt, shame, & past 
        ⁃       too many times we hold onto things that are no longer useful for our future
        ⁃       you cannot use your past as a crutch 

The shirt (old life) doesn’t fit anymore 
        ⁃       so stop trying to put on your old life and have one arm in the world and the other with Christ 

Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s working

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