My Big Church Podcasts
My Big Church Podcasts
30: Sunday July 21, 2019 | Rich Watson - Our Praise is Our Weapon

•Our praise is our weapon
-We fight our battles through praise 
•You May have to do the work, but God is standing in your corner cheering you on
•We don’t need another, slogan, message, etc. We need a MOVEMENT of God. 
•Why is God not moving in America the way he is in other countries? 
-Our freedom isn’t free. Count your blessings. 
– Hunger and desperation always gets Gods attention. 
– He is waiting on a move from us
– We have been on the sidelines for too long. It’s time to get in the game.
– No one else is coming. God has put you in the situation so stop looking over your shoulder. No one cares more about your family, no one cares more about your school. 
* II Chronicles 7:14 
* Matthew 23:12
– if we humble ourselves God will exalt us
– Jesus came as a servant. He washed people’s feet. (The was the worst job at the time). When Jesus came he showed us how to be humble. 
* Matthew 7:7 –
– Ask, seek, and knock if you want change in your life. 
* James 5:16
– take whatever you have to God and he will change it. 
* James 4:17 What is sin?
– Anything that you do that you know you are not supposed to do is sin. 
– We spend too much time trying to compare and find out what other people’s sin is that we lose track of what our own sin is. 
* There is always a right and wrong. Just because we give in, ignore, or feel we can’t overcome it, doesn’t make it okay. 
* Romans 6:15
-We are not under law, we are under Grace. 
Gods grace is sufficient for everything, but there comes a time where enough is enough. 
-Our actions determine Gods movement. 
•Gods love in unconditional but Obedience is not optional. 
* He won’t love you more if you do more, he won’t love you less if you do less. Be we must humble ourselves. 
* II Chronicles 7:14
-Where you are determines what you hear. 
– we let so many distractions get between us and God and we begin to lose what God is trying to tell us. 
•We need to live a lifestyle of repentance 
– Repentance means Turning and not returning. 
* Psalms 24:3
Gods knows your heart and your intentions 
Before we come to the table we must examine our selves. 

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