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52: Sunday December 08, 2019 | Rich Watson – No Vacancy

52: Sunday December 08, 2019 | Rich Watson – No Vacancy 150 150 Melissa Scott

52: Sunday December 08, 2019 | Rich Watson – No Vacancy

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Luke 2:1-5
Imagine all of the doubts that Mary & Joseph felt in this time
– what the enemy meant for evil in your life, God is using for the good
    – your pain can be your platform

Micah 5:2
– written hundreds of years before the trip happened

Luke 2:7
– the inn keeper could have been famous, but he missed the opportunity because there was no vacancy for them
– we want to be welcomed but the doors are closed. Why are they closed?
    – we’re busy, this can make you miss out on who’s knocking on the door
    – our house is full of junk. We don’t want anyone to see our junk
    – we have locked the door and put up barriers. (fear, pride, bitterness, anger, etc.)
    – disobedience. we have room for Jesus when it’s convenient for us, when it fits our schedule, etc. Sometimes we just don’t want to do what God asks us to do.
You make space for what’s important to you.
We need to inventory our inn. Why does Jesus not have any room in your life? What are you will to move and remove so He can enter in? HE IS THE SPACE. God wants all of your heart.

Luke 2:12
– Jesus was born in bad conditions

You may find yourself in a low place today, but you don’t have to stay there.
– Jesus didn’t let his environment define Him
Jesus doesn’t enter your life looking for the pretty places, easy places, comfortable places, etc. He wants us to make room for Him just the way we are because He will change them and make something brand new in us

God wants to change so much in you that you won’t look the way you used to

Maybe you feel like you don’t have much to give, but give what you got

47: Sunday, November 10, 2019 | Rich Watson – Blessed Life//Obedience

47: Sunday, November 10, 2019 | Rich Watson – Blessed Life//Obedience 150 150 Melissa Scott

47: Sunday, November 10, 2019 | Rich Watson – Blessed Life//Obedience
Blessed Life

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Obedience: compliance with an order, submission to someone else’s authority
– we don’t want anyone telling us what to do
– we live in a culture that promotes that WE are our own God

Proverbs 14:12

God provided everything man needed in the Garden
– there was one tree they couldn’t eat from
– God gave them a choice, he wanted us to have free will. We worship Him because we GET to
– He wanted our hearts
– the enemy is always trying to disrespect what God has created. He’s trying to disappoint us
– Why is obedience so hard?
– because our sinful nature came from the choice to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree

The Cause of Obedience in Our Lives
– Deuteronomy 28:1-2
– God wants to put you together with no missing ingredients. EVERY PART MATTERS.
– He’s giving us the instructions or ingredients to live a whole life.
– When we obey Him, He makes us the best version of who we can be
– we can’t expect God to bless our mess. He created us to be less messy.
– consistency is the key to breakthrough
– you have to be consistent in your giving
– obedience has to be consistent
– Obedience to God when we don’t want to, when it hurts, and when it’s not convenient

1. Obedience produces popularity
– Deuteronomy 28:3-4
– obedience opens opportunities for us to have influence in this world
– if you want doors to open in your life, be obedient to God
2. Obedience produces protection
– Deuteronomy 28:7
– God does not promise us a life without enemies, but he promises victory over our enemies if we are obedient
– God promises that when we walk in obedience — enemies will be defeated before our eyes (visible victory) & the enemies plans will be scattered all over the place
– Proverbs 16:7
3. Obedience produces provision and prosperity
– Deuteronomy 28:8
– provision is supply us with what we need
– obedience can help you prosper
– investments, a paycheck, etc. are not your source. God is your provider & source.
– God wants to give us the desires of our heart
– if it’s in His will He wants to give it to you
4. Obedience produces promise
– Deuteronomy 28:9
– God is looking to establish you — to make firm and to make stable.
– Deuteronomy 28:13
– we need to pay attention to God’s IFs
– IFs is a conjunction. it’s a connection with God, not a condition
– if you listen to God’s IFs, you will live a blessed life

45: Sunday October 27, 2019 | Rich Watson – Back to Life

45: Sunday October 27, 2019 | Rich Watson – Back to Life 150 150 Melissa Scott

45: Sunday October 27, 2019 | Rich Watson – Back to Life

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The Israelites possessed the blessings in the promised land but they forgot who the real
blesser was.

Ezekiel 37:1
– The Israelites found themselves in a valley of hopelessness
– there are going to be valleys in your life. the enemy is going to want to use the valley to hurt you

What do you do in the valley?
– You don’t listen to the valley
– it’s going to tell you there’s no hope
– isolation is one of the biggest tools of the enemy
– when he isolated he dominates
– You gotta step into your valley
– you don’t achieve great faith until you give God your small faith
– you don’t have awesome faith until you have broken faith
– give God your “not enough”
– He wants you to come the way you are so He can make you whole
– God allows valleys so you can get closer to Him
– fruit grows in the valley, not in the mountain
– God grows us in the valleys
– Don’t talk about the valleys talk TO the valleys
– say it until you see it
– Keep walkin
– you walk through the valleys you don’t camp out in them
– Psalms 23:4
– Even if it’s slow progress, MOVE FORWARD.
– Where you’re at today doesn’t determine where you’re going
Ezekiel 37:2-14
– wherever we go there are people who need hope and expectation breathed into them
– You get what you expect
– God is looking for available people
– We get dry over a period of time
– we let the exposure to things we shouldn’t be exposed to dry us up
– How to put meat on your bones:
– not optional!!!
– THE WORD (the Bible)
– be intentional
– there should be a time and place
– We are thirsty for things of the world
– He wants to fill us up with Him so we don’t go back to the same things we used to
– are you thirsting for the wrong things?
2 Timothy 3:16-17
– he wants the word to get implanted in us so we can be complete

You’ve gotta learn to listen to something that you’re not used to listening to
– praise and worship is not for you it’s for HIM

The world says “rest in peace” but God says “RISE IN POWER”
– dead thing are coming back to life
– our dreams and hopes and future
– sometimes there are things you need to leave in the grave

The answer to emptiness and dryness is the Holy Spirit

43 : Sunday October 13, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series – Something Worth Fighting For

43 : Sunday October 13, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series – Something Worth Fighting For 150 150 Melissa Scott

43 : Sunday October 13, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series – Something Worth Fighting For

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1 Samuel 17:20-47

Fight through feelings to get to the facts
– fight through the things that come naturally in our minds because we have an assignment

1. Will you fight for your assignment?
– You have to be willing to do the small and insignificant things
    – if you don’t serve the small you will never get the bigger things
– The assignment isn’t the small thing, you get the assignment after you do the small thing
Our opportunities are wrapped in obedience
– obedience, submission, discipline always lead to new assignments
    – obedience doesn’t always require details
        – we wanna know the plan before we do it but that’s not always how God works
    – the details are in the going
    – Normal obedience is important
        – serving
        – giving
        – praying
    – God wants to give us more but He’s not going to give more until we finish what we started
– No good shepherd leaves his sheep with no one to watch over them
    – David left his sheep with the keeper

You carry the supplies someone needs
– David’s assignment was about to change because he was willing to go

2. Who are you fighting?
– you have to learn to tune out all the negative people in your life
    – negative people can set you back. they can set your cause & purpose back
– the enemy will always try to create something new to distract you from your purpose
– Discouragement stands in way of your purpose
    – It took Noah 120 years to build the boat
        – People were telling him he was crazy
            – but when God is in something, he’s going to make that thing work
    – everyone has an opinion in where you’re going
– David leaves the distraction behind

Prayer is the posture that changes everything
– God aligns us with things that will bring him glory
    – If you speak the name of Jesus everything changes

3. Who are we fighting for?
– God qualifies the unqualified
1 Corinthians 1:27
Psalms 37:23-24
– The Lord uses everything in our journey, good or bad, to bring glory to His name
    – Don’t let your past journey keep you from your new destination
        – Don’t let where you’ve been keep you from where you’re going
Is there not a cause worth fighting for?
 2 Chronicles 7:14
– there are things you can do to change the conditions
– The pursuit of God leads to knowledge
We’ve gotta stand up for what we believe in.
God is looking for a generation of world changers
– it wasn’t about just keeping the sheep, it was about their livelihood
– it wasn’t just a giant, it was a nation!!

40: Sunday September 29, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series: There’s Purpose in the Pasture

40: Sunday September 29, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series: There’s Purpose in the Pasture 150 150 Melissa Scott

40: Sunday September 29, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series: There’s Purpose in the Pasture

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1 Samuel 16:11-
– He was seen but still overlooked
– David had to choose to go to the party even though he wasn’t invited
– sometimes you gotta go even when you don’t feel like it
– There is a place at the table that only you can fill
– sometimes we see weakness and God sees strength

What do you think the journey back to the pasture looked like for David after he was anointed as king?
1. The Pasture is Not Punishment
– if you treat the pasture as punishment you’re always going to be in timeout
– David started to let hurt & pride come in
– God had to eliminate the WHY to get to the WHAT
– God sent him back to the pasture to prepare
– There is a process you have to go through
– Isaiah 40:31
– God elevates through elimination
– Correction in private will avoid being corrected in public
– Correction is a good thing
– God took David into the private places & corrected him
– there are things that God wants us to unlearn some habits & learn some new ones
– Gods timing is not our timing
How did David not lose hope after 20 years of waiting?
– serving looks like doing things you don’t want to do for the season that you’re in
– what looks like humiliation really is preparation

Waiting on God does not mean doing nothing

2. Pasture turns obstacles into opportunities
– David learned how to be with God
– He turned the obstacle of silence into listening
– “Be still and know that I am God”
– He took the mundane and turned it into practice
– we have to take our boredom and turn it into battle ready

3. The Pasture helps you see something differently
– David started seeing things through God’s eyes
– Look at your scars as a badge of honor not of death
God does his best work when no one else is looking
– God is more interested in preparation than punishment

We live in a world where we want to be seen but God wants to work with us in private

God didn’t get to know David in the palace, He got to know him in the pasture

38: Sunday September 15, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Under Dog or Under God?

38: Sunday September 15, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Under Dog or Under God? 150 150 Melissa Scott

38: Sunday September 15, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Under Dog or Under God?

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The Goliaths in your life are sent by the enemy to distract you from where God wants you to be
– Don’t start making Goliath a god in your life

1 Samuel 17:26-51
anytime there’s something you’re standing up for or anytime there’s something different about you, kings will notice
– obedience, excellence, and good character will put you before kings (God is going to put you in positions only He could place you in, influence only He could give you)
– God does some of His best work in the process
– teaches you how to trust Him
– no matter the giant, under God you are NEVER the underdog. God is with you!
– instead of looking at your giant and how big he is, think of how easy it’s going to be to knock him down
God doesn’t want you to wear someone else’s armor, he wants you to be authentically you in fighting the battle

Learn to depend on God
– the season you’re in right now is going to produce the weapon you need for the future — Michael Todd
– Don’t depend on your talent — it’s not what you got, it’s WHO you got

– David is talking smack to the giant because he knew he was not alone (verse 46)
– when you know who’s on your side, you don’t have to worry about the giant in front of you

Sometimes we stand back from our giants because we see how big they are
– have confidence in God because He will fight for you
The giants weapon ended up being the weapon that killed him
– The thing that you think will destroy you, God is going to use to be that very thing that will help someone else

37 : Sunday September 8, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Chosen But Not Picked

37 : Sunday September 8, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Chosen But Not Picked 150 150 Melissa Scott

37 : Sunday September 8, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Chosen But Not Picked

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God wanted to be the king of Israel but Israel wanted to have their own king
– God wants to be something in our life but often we want someone or something else to take the thrown

1 Samuel 16:6-13
– We often look at surface things
– Culture paints a picture that if we don’t have all the great material things then we won’t be happy
– What’s important to God is what is in your heart
– Do you have a heart condition this morning?
– Israel wanted a KING and God wanted a HEART
– David was the 8th son, so being chosen was (in their culture) normally unheard of
– We live in a world that says “You just don’t measure up”
– David would be the person to have major insecurity in him, he didn’t even get invited to the party at his own families house
– But he didn’t do that. He didn’t compare himself. He knew who he was in God
– Have you been labeled?
– You gotta be careful because once you name it you’re stuck with it
– God knew before you were formed that you would have deficiencies, but He doesn’t label you from those. He rips up the labels and calls you by NAME
– Just because you’re not in the lineup doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have something lined up for you
– God knows you and labels you AS HIS OWN!
– What God says about you has the power to change everything about you forever
1 Peter 5:6
– there is a time coming, if you will remain faithful, that God will lift you up and exalt you

God anointed David in the MIDST of his brothers

David had the opportunity to believe he couldn’t get to his destiny because of the insecurities or labels that had been placed on him BUT he chose to believe what God said about him

Isaiah 43:18-19

35: Sunday August 25, 2019 | Rich Watson : Yard Sale

35: Sunday August 25, 2019 | Rich Watson : Yard Sale 150 150 Melissa Scott

35: Sunday August 25, 2019 | Rich Watson : Yard Sale

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Thing You Get When You Ask Your Kids to Clean Their Room:

        0.      “What mess?” 
        ⁃       just because you pretend it’s not there doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist 
matthew 23:25 
        ⁃       social media always tries to get you to see the best picture 
        ⁃       you position yourself to be in the right place 
        ⁃       you portray a false identity 
        ⁃       outside reputation is worth more than inside transformation
        ⁃       transformation is messy. it’s something you don’t want to do because you have to leave the old behind 

        0.      They Put It Under The Bed or Throw it Into the Closet 
        ⁃       moving the stuff does NOT make it go away! 
        ⁃       on the outside there are things you can’t  see but the inside it’s a mess 
        ⁃       transferring your stuff to other parts only puts it in more places 
        ⁃       when you move your stuff it starts to overflow and when it overflows it starts to show 
        ⁃       we can’t stuff our problems in a corner and not deal with them 

How Do You Deal With It?
        ⁃       you need a spiritual yard sale 

Isaiah 43:18 
        ⁃       God wants to take us from an old mindset to a new mindset 
        ⁃       a lot of times we hold onto something because of the appearance of it 

The enemy wants to keep reminding you of your guilt, shame, & past 
        ⁃       too many times we hold onto things that are no longer useful for our future
        ⁃       you cannot use your past as a crutch 

The shirt (old life) doesn’t fit anymore 
        ⁃       so stop trying to put on your old life and have one arm in the world and the other with Christ 

Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s working

31: Sunday July 28, 2019 | Rich Watson – Don’t Try to Get Used to the Water, Just Jump In!

31: Sunday July 28, 2019 | Rich Watson – Don’t Try to Get Used to the Water, Just Jump In! 150 150 Melissa Scott

31: Sunday July 28, 2019 | Rich Watson – Don’t Try to Get Used to the Water, Just Jump In!

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Come on in, the water is fine
Matthew 3:13-16
-Everyone came to get baptized by John but no one really knew what was gonna happen. 
-John laid down his pride when Jesus came and he said here comes the son of God. 
-Jesus is our message not our politics, our ideas or our ways. Our government rests on Gods shoulder. 
-Jesus is our message, we can’t figure it out on our own. 
-Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life
– Religion restricts you and relationship releases you!!!
– Jesus will walk with you through always 
– Jesus was sinless. Why would he want to be baptized?
– Jesus had to submit and represent us
– Philippians 2:6
– Jesus got in the water with us he didn’t judge us. 
– Jesus was not afraid of their mess. He met them where they were. Come the way you are and dive in the water and Jesus will take you where you need to go. 
– There is another in the water standing next to you. 
– Jesus takes you into a process and he makes and molds you. 
– Not everyone will see your process. 
– Example of you being in the process: You don’t talk the way you did. 
– They don’t see the full process but the see the end product. 
– If there is no lasting change in our lives we must come and repent. 
– Jesus associated with sinners but not with sin. 
– We are in the world but not of the world. 
– We have to cut the things off in our life that are pulling us down. 
– God is throwing us a life preserver 
Matthew 3:16-17
Jesus was identified as a son
– validation comes after obedience. 
– He said not my will be done but your be done, God. 
– If we just get in the water and not worry about what it looks, smells, taste like we will be born again. 
– If we confess and believe we will be saved 
– Being saved doesn’t lock you up, i it unlocks you
– When we give our heart to Jesus our life has just begun. 
– We can discover who we are. When Jesus was baptized he was identified as the son. 
– False identity comes from insecurity 
– We are not what others say we are. 
– God validates you as a son and daughter. 
– God has standards in his life but if we don’t live up to them he doesn’t love us any less. 
– He affirmed Jesus before he ever performs a miracle. 
– God loves you and affirms you
– You don’t have to catch up to Gods love because it’s right in your reach. 
– It’s very important to know scripture. You must hide scripture in your heart for times in need. 
– In my weakness he is made strong. 
– Philippians 4:13 
– Be brave be fearless
– II Chorithians 6:18
– Romans 8:17
If you feel like you are drowning, whatever you emerge yourself in, you come up as. 
If you keep emerging yourself in depression, bad relationship, etc you won’t see change. 
If you emerge yourself in better things you will see change 
What you saw that once drowned you, you will walk on that one day.

25: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Let’s Talk About It!

25: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Let’s Talk About It! 150 150 Melissa Scott

25: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Let’s Talk About It!
Holy Spirit

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The job of the enemy is to convince you that the Holy Spirit is weird. The enemy understands the power of the Holy Spirit.

God is not the author of confusion.

The pillars of the church- we neglect to talk about the Holy Spirit.

God says, “I’m about to bring some things out into the open.”

Acts 2:4-7

Tongues are a sign.
The word speaks for itself.

During the time that Acts was written, 120 people spoke in a language they had never heard.

God doesn’t choose the best, He chooses the willing. He removed the language barrier to unify the church.

Sometimes you have to stay in the process to get to where God wants you to go.

What if all faiths spoke the same tongue? What if we were a unified church?
The devil isn’t scared of a big church, he’s scared of a UNIFIED church!

Tongues allows you to speak what GOD wants you to say, not what you want to say to God.

Tame your tongues.
1 Corinthians 14:23-25
God wants you to do everything in decency and order. He doesn’t want people to see the church as chaotic.

We want the world to come into the church and experience a God that they’re not scared of.

The Holy Spirit will convict if people need it.

Tongues are a gift.

Do you feel like you’re not enough or like you don’t measure up? God compares you to nobody else. He has a plan only you can execute.

Romans 10:9

Do you need comforting from the Comforter? Pray to God and ask for what you need. He is the great provider.

Have you ever just not known what to say? The Spirit will make intercessions for you. Prayer language is a language that God can understand but the devil can’t.


Maybe you don’t understand everything or didn’t grow up in church, but God says, “seek me and you will find me!”

It doesn’t always come if you try to force it.

Be careful what you speak over someone’s life on behalf of God because you can’t take it back.

Why was the Holy Spirit sent?
John 16:7
The Holy Spirit is the HELPER.

We’re naturally rebellious.

He makes people aware by drawing them to Him.
John 6:44
God’s spirit is everywhere. You don’t have to be in church to be saved just like you don’t have to be in a funeral home to die.

He’s everywhere, and He’s all encompassing.
He keeps us on the right track.

God doesn’t go anywhere, we go away from Him. Say yes to Him and He will make Himself known.

Righteousness is right-standing with God.
He paid the price for your sin-past, present, future.

God’s already taken care of your past. It’s covered in the blood of Jesus and is forgotten as soon as you ask for forgiveness ONE TIME. It’s your day to let it go.

You don’t have to be who you’ve always been.

John 16:11

Good news: The enemy has been defeated. Jesus said, “It is finished.”

God sees you.
The blood is a covering for all of our sins. We are forgiven.

At the end of our lives, Jesus is going to ask you if you know who He is, not how often you went to church or how many stories you knew about Him.

The Holy Spirit is our helper and our guide.

The bible is the word of life. Ask God for help if you don’t understand it.