27: Sunday June 30, 2019 | Special Guest – Tim Jones

Rev 3: 20-22 God’s moving and I want to get it. Besides, I want to hear Jesus’ voice. John 10 The holiness of God’s worship is powerful. The pastor said, “Stop. There’s a man that needs the Lord right now. Come to the front of the room” He ran forward.Lord was speaking to him and […]

25: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Let’s Talk About It!

The job of the enemy is to convince you that the Holy Spirit is weird. The enemy understands the power of the Holy Spirit. God is not the author of confusion. The pillars of the church- we neglect to talk about the Holy Spirit. God says, “I’m about to bring some things out into the […]

23: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Holy Who?

Jesus said I’m leaving you someone who is better than me! Peace, Joy, and Happiness come when the Holy Spirit arrives. Noun- person, place, or thing He’s called: Holy Ghost/ Holy Spirit/ Spirit of God/ Spirit of Truth Is he an event? Is he a person? The Holy Spirit is a WHO. The Holy Spirit […]

21: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series: Introduction

The Holy Spirit is sometimes misunderstood. He’s a person. Some people think he’s outdated. The Holy Spirit is part of the holy trinity. He’s the helper. Often he’s not talked about or set to the side. We know who Jesus is and we know who God is but we don’t always know who the Holy […]