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28: Sunday July 7, 2019 | Rich Watson – Freedom isn’t Free

28: Sunday July 7, 2019 | Rich Watson – Freedom isn’t Free 150 150 Melissa Scott

China and Iran are the fastest growing churches in the world – they have to take a risk.

In some parts of the world, the only way people can talk about God is when they’re ministering to their executioners.

Are you free or under the impression of being free?

Liberty- the state and condition of people who are able to act and speak freely.
Free- not under control of:

Church isn’t for perfect people. If you had it all together, you wouldn’t be here.

Find freedom through ACCOUNTABILITY.

Jesus was the greatest freedom message.

Jesus didn’t come to hang with the popular crowd.

If everyone fit in, Jesus wouldn’t of come like He did.

True ministry is messy. This is heartbreaking work. 
Sometimes you’ll wonder, “Is this what you’ve really called me to do, God?”

2 Peter 2:20-21

To get freedom, you have to know you’ve already been given freedom. God is looking for us to accept that we already have freedom through Him. — Addiction, depression, anxiety.
It only gets bad if you go back to where you were.

Accountability + responsibility = freedom.

Once you have knowledge of God, you are accountable to Him.

The truth will set you free. Jesus is the way, truth, and light. The truth is the key to freedom.

Stand in your freedom, even when it’s not easy.

Galatians 5:1

Stand in your salvation. Know what God has already done for you. Stand in your physical and emotional healing.

ACCEPT your freedom. God wants to undo what you did.

Isaiah 58:6

God sees your sin in pencil. You see it in permanent marker.

God knows you’ll make mistakes in the future and He’s already forgiven you.

Sin leaves residue. God wants to wipe away the residue of what you’ve done.

VALUE your freedom.

Our freedom cost God something. You were night with a price.

David wouldn’t offer sacrifices that didn’t cost him something. Getting to your purpose will cost you something but it’s worth so much more.

You become a slave to whatever you give yourself and attention to.

Paul, who wrote 3/4 of the new testimony, said, “I’m a prisoner of the Lord and a slave of righteousness.” 
True freedom comes from dependence. God wants us to give up our way of doing thing.
Is your pride in the way? Are you suffering underneath the surface?

When you come to God it’s not a democracy. You don’t get a vote in it when you come to Jesus.

When you fire yourself and die to the way you want things to be, you’ll love who you hire more (God.)

History lesson: July 4th wasn’t actually the day of independence- it’s the day they approved the wording on that day, but signed it in August ..but the word got out.

When the word gets out hat you’re free, you don’t have to have someone else sign off on it!

Bound people can’t free people.

Live in your freedom from _________. Fill in the blank.

Have you been sitting in a cell for years? You have access to get out. Jesus opened the door to give you freedom, you just have to get up and open the door.

27: Sunday June 30, 2019 | Special Guest – Tim Jones

27: Sunday June 30, 2019 | Special Guest – Tim Jones 150 150 Melissa Scott

Rev 3: 20-22

God’s moving and I want to get it. Besides, I want to hear Jesus’ voice.

John 10

The holiness of God’s worship is powerful.

The pastor said, “Stop. There’s a man that needs the Lord right now. Come to the front of the room” He ran forward.Lord was speaking to him and he thought “I have to know God like THAT I don’t know what it is but I have to have it.”

I’m not the person I could have been.

The Lord was showing me what He was calling me to be but I was living luke warm.

All your life you’ve been doing your ministry, now get out of the way and let God do His ministry.

Jesus is speaking a deep word of correction out of His love for us.

You’re going to be tempted in life to hide with your good looks, talent, and it’s hiding the desperate place. You need Jesus.

There was a hungry to hear the voice of God.

He was praying to God about things he never told another person—-
God I wish I knew if you were real
My mother thinks I’m in a cult because of this bible study. My dad can’t help pay for school.
I thought I was supposed to marry this girl.
God responded: Cory knocked on his door. I was in my room and praying for you. He told me to tell you He’s real, don’t worry about your mother or how to stay in school- I will handle it. And that girl you were not supposed to marry that girl. She was not of Me.

God said, “You don’t have to be like me. The harvest is plenty but the workers are needed.”

That boy got a scholarship and his mother joined a bible study.

The Lord can speak to anyone. Even you.

If I moved into what you moved into my church would run me out.

Are you desperate to go deeper with Jesus?
The joy of hearing the voice of god.

Don’t think God can’t use you. That’s a lie from the pit of hell. Don’t believe it. There are some things that need to happen. Repentance. Desperation.

God says Seek me and find me and you’ll find me with all of your heart.

26: Staff Spotlight | Elle Becker – Social Media

26: Staff Spotlight | Elle Becker – Social Media 150 150 Melissa Scott

25: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Let’s Talk About It!

25: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Let’s Talk About It! 150 150 Melissa Scott

The job of the enemy is to convince you that the Holy Spirit is weird. The enemy understands the power of the Holy Spirit.

God is not the author of confusion.

The pillars of the church- we neglect to talk about the Holy Spirit.

God says, “I’m about to bring some things out into the open.”

Acts 2:4-7

Tongues are a sign.
The word speaks for itself.

During the time that Acts was written, 120 people spoke in a language they had never heard.

God doesn’t choose the best, He chooses the willing. He removed the language barrier to unify the church.

Sometimes you have to stay in the process to get to where God wants you to go.

What if all faiths spoke the same tongue? What if we were a unified church?
The devil isn’t scared of a big church, he’s scared of a UNIFIED church!

Tongues allows you to speak what GOD wants you to say, not what you want to say to God.

Tame your tongues.
1 Corinthians 14:23-25
God wants you to do everything in decency and order. He doesn’t want people to see the church as chaotic.

We want the world to come into the church and experience a God that they’re not scared of.

The Holy Spirit will convict if people need it.

Tongues are a gift.

Do you feel like you’re not enough or like you don’t measure up? God compares you to nobody else. He has a plan only you can execute.

Romans 10:9

Do you need comforting from the Comforter? Pray to God and ask for what you need. He is the great provider.

Have you ever just not known what to say? The Spirit will make intercessions for you. Prayer language is a language that God can understand but the devil can’t.


Maybe you don’t understand everything or didn’t grow up in church, but God says, “seek me and you will find me!”

It doesn’t always come if you try to force it.

Be careful what you speak over someone’s life on behalf of God because you can’t take it back.

Why was the Holy Spirit sent?
John 16:7
The Holy Spirit is the HELPER.

We’re naturally rebellious.

He makes people aware by drawing them to Him.
John 6:44
God’s spirit is everywhere. You don’t have to be in church to be saved just like you don’t have to be in a funeral home to die.

He’s everywhere, and He’s all encompassing.
He keeps us on the right track.

God doesn’t go anywhere, we go away from Him. Say yes to Him and He will make Himself known.

Righteousness is right-standing with God.
He paid the price for your sin-past, present, future.

God’s already taken care of your past. It’s covered in the blood of Jesus and is forgotten as soon as you ask for forgiveness ONE TIME. It’s your day to let it go.

You don’t have to be who you’ve always been.

John 16:11

Good news: The enemy has been defeated. Jesus said, “It is finished.”

God sees you.
The blood is a covering for all of our sins. We are forgiven.

At the end of our lives, Jesus is going to ask you if you know who He is, not how often you went to church or how many stories you knew about Him.

The Holy Spirit is our helper and our guide.

The bible is the word of life. Ask God for help if you don’t understand it.

24: Staff Spotlight | Israel Isaac – Big Church Worship

24: Staff Spotlight | Israel Isaac – Big Church Worship 150 150 Melissa Scott

23: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Holy Who?

23: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series – Holy Who? 150 150 Melissa Scott

Jesus said I’m leaving you someone who is better than me!

Peace, Joy, and Happiness come when the Holy Spirit arrives.

Noun- person, place, or thing

He’s called: Holy Ghost/ Holy Spirit/ Spirit of God/ Spirit of Truth

Is he an event? Is he a person?
The Holy Spirit is a WHO.

The Holy Spirit is NOT chaos.
1 Corinthians 14:40

God does things in decency and order.

When things are out of order, we don’t want to invite people to church.

The Holy Spirit is not forceful. He doesn’t want us to build up walls inside us.

God will show you what the world can look like when the real power of God shows up.

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He respects your free will.

*He acts when we ask.

The Holy Spirit isn’t crazy. He’s not like your crazy uncle or cousin.
1 Corinthians 14:33

We are who we are because we’ve invited the Holy Spirit into us.

Why are we so apprehensive? Why do we deny His power?

2 Timothy 3:5

God is looking for what we look like on the inside, not the outside. What you do Monday-Saturday matters.

Do you have plates and silverware that you only bring out on special occasions. Why do we have things around that we’re not willing to use?

What you struggle with, you cannot conquer it by yourself.

Do you have that towel hanging up in your bathroom that you’re not allowed to use? The towel is used to clean us up but you can’t be scared to use Him for your sweat and tears in everyday use!

Have you ever heard bad things about someone from a third party? You have a distorted or inaccurate view of them. That’s what’s happened in the church world.

Once you meet the Holy Spirit, every misconception of Him will change. It is a relationship.

When a farmer grows crops, his desire is the fruit but he has to be in relationship with the seed.

He sows, waters, and tends to the plants and waits on the plants, he’s going to be able
to reap the benefits.

You’re going to see progress if you keep tending and cultivating your relationship with the Holy Spirit- you’ll start seeing the fruit of the spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23


If you don’t see what you want to right now, but stay connected to the vine. Your fruit just isn’t ripe yet. Stay on the vine.

We need more time, patience, and endurance in our relationship with God.

When you’re ready, you have to share what you have with other people.

It’s not Holy Who? It’s Holy Spirit you’re my friend and stick closer to me than a brother.
You don’t have to ask the Holy Spirit to show up- He shows up every time you show up.

You have to be a carrier- carry the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to come in to your life by your salvation. Have you said yes to salvation? Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior and allowed Him to wash away all your sins. He’s looking for you to surrender and allow Him to take over. Open yourself and your heart to Him.

Are you tired of just a few victories? The Holy Spirit equips you to live a victorious life if you open your heart up to Him.

The Holy Spirit is trying to do the best that He can if you’ll open your heart up to Him!

22: Staff Spotlight | Jodi Santora – BIG Kids

22: Staff Spotlight | Jodi Santora – BIG Kids 150 150 Melissa Scott

21: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series: Introduction

21: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series: Introduction 150 150 Melissa Scott

The Holy Spirit is sometimes misunderstood. He’s a person. Some people think he’s outdated.

The Holy Spirit is part of the holy trinity. He’s the helper.

Often he’s not talked about or set to the side. We know who Jesus is and we know who God is but we don’t always know who the Holy Spirit is exactly.

John 16:7

How can you look up to someone who hasn’t been through what you have been? The Holy Spirit has been through it all so he can relate to you.

Luke 24:4

You can’t let fear keep you from doing what you’re supposed to do.

Moses has a stutter, the prophets didn’t think people would come, we didn’t know if THIS

Ministry is seeing a need and filling it. It’s being available to be used by God.

Tarry means stay. Tarry in Jerusalem. Stay in the process. All you need to do is take one more step.

Patience produces power. You want to the power of God- wait on it.
God says sometimes it’ll take longer than you want it to.

Acts 2:1

God wouldn’t not fully pour out His power until they’re ready to receive it.

Luke 5:37

God isn’t going to leak out He’s going to pour out.

Acts 1:14

Sometimes you have to plant your feet and say “I’m not going anywhere!”
He will never leave or forsake you.

Acts 1:8

Acts 2:3-4

God took ordinary people and breathed life on them by the Holy Spirit.

Peter didn’t have a filter. He was always voicing in opinion. He raised His voice. Don’t worry about what you’re going to say, let the Holy Spirit do the talking for you. All you have to do is show up and be willing.

Luke 12:12

We don’t have it all together to be a minister of God. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in you. God is about to release a word on faith.

Went from coward to courageous.
Went from oppressed to possessed with the Holy Spirit.

Acts 5:28-29

If you want to grow the church, stay planted and invite the Holy Spirit in.

What if revival happened 365 days per year? It can. We need the Holy Spirit.

Acts 4:14

Sometimes you don’t need a touch, sometimes you just need the spirit to walk by you.

God wants to heal everyone, not just one person.

Do you want to grow? Do you want to see growth in your church? Do you want to see growth in your family? ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK IN YOU.

Open your mind. Open your heart. Let Him do the work only He can do in you.
Are you being lead by the Spirit? He will change your life if you let Him

19: Rich Watson | Salt Life

19: Rich Watson | Salt Life 150 150 Melissa Scott

What does God want to talk about when He created the ocean?

The salt of the Earth.

Are you thirsty or are you producing thirst?

The woman at the well was thirsty for belonging. She met there right man at the well.

John 4:13-14

Matthew 5:6

We have to change our desire. We’re thirsty for the wrong things- money, power, fame.

When you’re in the desert, the only thing that matters is getting a drink. We have to be thirsty for God.

We have to be thirsty for what God is doing in our lives.

Salt preserves. quit throwing salt on things that should be dead.

The world is drowning. We have to be life preservers instead of anchors.

We have to throw salt on our present and our future. What legacy are you leaving behind?

Are you the salt or are you salty? What does your speech say? What flavor are you leaving for the world?

Are we enhancing the flavor of life or making it inedible?

Colossians 4:6

Our testimony should never be private. You have to start to telling people about how God changes your life to make others thirsty for Him.

Quit telling everyone about every bad detail of your life- start telling them Psalms 34:8- TASTE AND SEE!

Salt is essential to life.

Our bodies don’t naturally produce salt. Our bodies need God.

Your flesh wants to fight against God.

Matthew 5:13

The world has watered down the salt. YOU ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH.

Salt is the main ingredient of the Earth. God says you are the main ingredient of life

It can’t be temporary, it has to be a lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve lost your flavor, but maybe you just have to check yourself and season yourself with the world, or coming to church when you don’t feel like it.

Maybe you’ve been trying to add the wrong things to your life. Maybe there are some things you thought were supplements but they were actually substitutes.

God says add this and we say “eh tastes fine.”
God says take this away and we say, “but it’s always tasted this way.”
God says “if you start seasoning your life with me, I’ll give you something you’ve never tasted before.”

Maybe you’ve been trying to find out what’s going to fill you up.

The world is trying to dilute us down.

Taste and see that the Lord is good!