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38: Sunday September 15, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Under Dog or Under God?

38: Sunday September 15, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Under Dog or Under God? 150 150 Melissa Scott

The Goliaths in your life are sent by the enemy to distract you from where God wants you to be
– Don’t start making Goliath a god in your life

1 Samuel 17:26-51
anytime there’s something you’re standing up for or anytime there’s something different about you, kings will notice
– obedience, excellence, and good character will put you before kings (God is going to put you in positions only He could place you in, influence only He could give you)
– God does some of His best work in the process
– teaches you how to trust Him
– no matter the giant, under God you are NEVER the underdog. God is with you!
– instead of looking at your giant and how big he is, think of how easy it’s going to be to knock him down
God doesn’t want you to wear someone else’s armor, he wants you to be authentically you in fighting the battle

Learn to depend on God
– the season you’re in right now is going to produce the weapon you need for the future — Michael Todd
– Don’t depend on your talent — it’s not what you got, it’s WHO you got

– David is talking smack to the giant because he knew he was not alone (verse 46)
– when you know who’s on your side, you don’t have to worry about the giant in front of you

Sometimes we stand back from our giants because we see how big they are
– have confidence in God because He will fight for you
The giants weapon ended up being the weapon that killed him
– The thing that you think will destroy you, God is going to use to be that very thing that will help someone else

37 : Sunday September 8, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Chosen But Not Picked

37 : Sunday September 8, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Chosen But Not Picked 150 150 Melissa Scott

God wanted to be the king of Israel but Israel wanted to have their own king
– God wants to be something in our life but often we want someone or something else to take the thrown

1 Samuel 16:6-13
– We often look at surface things
– Culture paints a picture that if we don’t have all the great material things then we won’t be happy
– What’s important to God is what is in your heart
– Do you have a heart condition this morning?
– Israel wanted a KING and God wanted a HEART
– David was the 8th son, so being chosen was (in their culture) normally unheard of
– We live in a world that says “You just don’t measure up”
– David would be the person to have major insecurity in him, he didn’t even get invited to the party at his own families house
– But he didn’t do that. He didn’t compare himself. He knew who he was in God
– Have you been labeled?
– You gotta be careful because once you name it you’re stuck with it
– God knew before you were formed that you would have deficiencies, but He doesn’t label you from those. He rips up the labels and calls you by NAME
– Just because you’re not in the lineup doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have something lined up for you
– God knows you and labels you AS HIS OWN!
– What God says about you has the power to change everything about you forever
1 Peter 5:6
– there is a time coming, if you will remain faithful, that God will lift you up and exalt you

God anointed David in the MIDST of his brothers

David had the opportunity to believe he couldn’t get to his destiny because of the insecurities or labels that had been placed on him BUT he chose to believe what God said about him

Isaiah 43:18-19

36 : Sunday September 1, 2019 | Rich Watson – Is It Worth the Work?

36 : Sunday September 1, 2019 | Rich Watson – Is It Worth the Work? 150 150 Melissa Scott

Luke 19:1-8

1. Is it worth the work not to give up? 
– a lot of times we see the obstacles coming in our lives 
– the crowd for Zaccheaus 
– the crowd can hold you back 
– Zaccheaus was short 
– you cannot let your limitations keep you from where God wants you to go 
– Zaccheaus had a bad reputation 
– don’t let excuses make you miss Jesus 
– matthew was following Jesus and it gave Zaccheaus hope because matthew was a chief tax collector as well 
– It’s worth the work to see Jesus 
– Zaccheaus wanted to get to a better vantage point so he could see Jesus 
– We think we’re really seeking Jesus but Jesus is seeking US 
– Jesus passed through town to see Zaccheaus and even knew his name
– Jesus saw something different in Zaccheaus 
– How many times does fear keep us in the tree? 
– Many times God is calling you into the unknown but we’re afraid 
2. Is it worth the work to say yes? 
– when you say yes there are gonna be haters 
3. Is it worth the work to make things right?
– repentance is the first step to making things right in your life & for someone else 
– religion says “change and you will find god” but god says “if you seek me i will change you”

35: Sunday August 25, 2019 | Rich Watson : Yard Sale

35: Sunday August 25, 2019 | Rich Watson : Yard Sale 150 150 Melissa Scott

Thing You Get When You Ask Your Kids to Clean Their Room:

        0.      “What mess?” 
        ⁃       just because you pretend it’s not there doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist 
matthew 23:25 
        ⁃       social media always tries to get you to see the best picture 
        ⁃       you position yourself to be in the right place 
        ⁃       you portray a false identity 
        ⁃       outside reputation is worth more than inside transformation
        ⁃       transformation is messy. it’s something you don’t want to do because you have to leave the old behind 

        0.      They Put It Under The Bed or Throw it Into the Closet 
        ⁃       moving the stuff does NOT make it go away! 
        ⁃       on the outside there are things you can’t  see but the inside it’s a mess 
        ⁃       transferring your stuff to other parts only puts it in more places 
        ⁃       when you move your stuff it starts to overflow and when it overflows it starts to show 
        ⁃       we can’t stuff our problems in a corner and not deal with them 

How Do You Deal With It?
        ⁃       you need a spiritual yard sale 

Isaiah 43:18 
        ⁃       God wants to take us from an old mindset to a new mindset 
        ⁃       a lot of times we hold onto something because of the appearance of it 

The enemy wants to keep reminding you of your guilt, shame, & past 
        ⁃       too many times we hold onto things that are no longer useful for our future
        ⁃       you cannot use your past as a crutch 

The shirt (old life) doesn’t fit anymore 
        ⁃       so stop trying to put on your old life and have one arm in the world and the other with Christ 

Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s working

34: Sunday August 18, 2019 | Mindy Watson : Futuristic Part 2– The Future of the Church

34: Sunday August 18, 2019 | Mindy Watson : Futuristic Part 2– The Future of the Church 150 150 Melissa Scott

1. Where do I belong?
Mark 12:30-31 
– people don’t care how much you know, they care how much you care 
– most people today want community because people don’t belong these days so they’re looking to the church for the answer 
– why we want to be the friendliest church in the ville
– You have to belong first in order to make others feel that they belong 
– Small groups are important 
– Being on a serve team 
– Schedule stuff outside of church 
– meet with people outside of the church//do life with people 
– Pretend that people have a sign around their neck that says “make me feel important”
– it makes people feel as if they’re connected and belong in your circle 
3. Does my life matter? 
Psalms 8:3-4 
– God thinks your life matters!! 
– He cares for YOU 
– He gives us each our own individual purpose 
1 John 3:16 
– let people know that they matter 
– how??
– encourage people 
– pray for people 
– when God highlights someone to you pray for them & let them know

1. What is truth? 
– the message STAYS THE SAME despite what is happening in culture 
John 8:32 
– we can pray for people all we want but if we don’t present the truth (bible) then they will never know how to change based on the truth
John 14:6 
– people are confused today and confusion is NOT from God 
– It’s hard to preach the truth today because people think you’re hating but hating is not caring enough to confront the truth 
– “We (as the Church) need to stay grounded in a TRUTH based faith not an emotions based faith” 
– emotions are going to come & go, people are going to come and go BUT HIS WORD STANDS FIRM FOREVER.

Ephesians 4:13 
– love and acceptance is not equal to agreement

33: Sunday August 11, 2019 | Mindy Watson : Futuristic – The Future of the Church

33: Sunday August 11, 2019 | Mindy Watson : Futuristic – The Future of the Church 150 150 Melissa Scott

“you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” — Abraham Lincoln

Culture is Loud while the Church is Quiet 
– we’re allowing culture to shape us instead of the Church shape culture 
– we can’t expect things, people, government to change if we’re not doing something about it 
– culture wants us to bow our knees to it but GOD wants our knees to Him

It’s time for us to be missionaries for the next generation
– start training up the next generation 
– ““These were his instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” Luke‬ ‭10:2‬

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. — Malcom X 
– Today we are preparing to make the world a better place tomorrow

Based George Barna’s Research from the Barna Group
– Gen X: 1961-1981
– Grew up in “Apple Pie America” 
– Went to church on every Sunday 
– Idol: look good on the outside but don’t let people know the mess you are on the inside 
– created the spiritual mask 
– Key Scriptures: 
– 1 Samuel 16:7
– Matthew 23:28
– Matthew 7:20 
– the average church model ONLY reaches Gen X 
– Millennials: 1981-1996
– The bridge generation: one foot in Gen X and one foot in Gen Z 
– Fastest Generation leaving the church
– WHY? Because they want authentic, REAL relationships with Jesus and others with messages that they able to apply to their everyday lives 
– Idol: own ego 
– Key scriptures:
– James 4:10 
– Jeremiah 9:23-24 
– Gen Z: 1996-Present
– faith is the least important thing in their lives 
– WHY? 
– The evil in the world 
– “if there’s a God how can there be evil in the world?” 
– Christians are hypocrites 
– 61% say they can find God somewhere else besides church 
– Idol: Tolerance 
– anything goes and anything is okay as long as they’re happy

The future of the Church is only going to be effective if we ask these three questions:
1. What is truth? 
2. Where do I belong? 
3. Does my life matter?

The answer for the future of the Church is to be Multi-Generational

32: Sunday August 4, 2019 | Kegan Wesley – Can You See My Cracks?

32: Sunday August 4, 2019 | Kegan Wesley – Can You See My Cracks? 150 150 Melissa Scott

Things happen, life happens and pain hurts, but when we get in the presence of God He puts us back together. Broken is beautiful. It has a story. It’s a mosaic.
– The stuff you go through is what God uses for other people. 
– Your life isn’t really about you. 
-The ones that pay the biggest price are the ones with that biggest life.

31: Sunday July 28, 2019 | Rich Watson – Don’t Try to Get Used to the Water, Just Jump In!

31: Sunday July 28, 2019 | Rich Watson – Don’t Try to Get Used to the Water, Just Jump In! 150 150 Melissa Scott

Come on in, the water is fine
Matthew 3:13-16
-Everyone came to get baptized by John but no one really knew what was gonna happen. 
-John laid down his pride when Jesus came and he said here comes the son of God. 
-Jesus is our message not our politics, our ideas or our ways. Our government rests on Gods shoulder. 
-Jesus is our message, we can’t figure it out on our own. 
-Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life
– Religion restricts you and relationship releases you!!!
– Jesus will walk with you through always 
– Jesus was sinless. Why would he want to be baptized?
– Jesus had to submit and represent us
– Philippians 2:6
– Jesus got in the water with us he didn’t judge us. 
– Jesus was not afraid of their mess. He met them where they were. Come the way you are and dive in the water and Jesus will take you where you need to go. 
– There is another in the water standing next to you. 
– Jesus takes you into a process and he makes and molds you. 
– Not everyone will see your process. 
– Example of you being in the process: You don’t talk the way you did. 
– They don’t see the full process but the see the end product. 
– If there is no lasting change in our lives we must come and repent. 
– Jesus associated with sinners but not with sin. 
– We are in the world but not of the world. 
– We have to cut the things off in our life that are pulling us down. 
– God is throwing us a life preserver 
Matthew 3:16-17
Jesus was identified as a son
– validation comes after obedience. 
– He said not my will be done but your be done, God. 
– If we just get in the water and not worry about what it looks, smells, taste like we will be born again. 
– If we confess and believe we will be saved 
– Being saved doesn’t lock you up, i it unlocks you
– When we give our heart to Jesus our life has just begun. 
– We can discover who we are. When Jesus was baptized he was identified as the son. 
– False identity comes from insecurity 
– We are not what others say we are. 
– God validates you as a son and daughter. 
– God has standards in his life but if we don’t live up to them he doesn’t love us any less. 
– He affirmed Jesus before he ever performs a miracle. 
– God loves you and affirms you
– You don’t have to catch up to Gods love because it’s right in your reach. 
– It’s very important to know scripture. You must hide scripture in your heart for times in need. 
– In my weakness he is made strong. 
– Philippians 4:13 
– Be brave be fearless
– II Chorithians 6:18
– Romans 8:17
If you feel like you are drowning, whatever you emerge yourself in, you come up as. 
If you keep emerging yourself in depression, bad relationship, etc you won’t see change. 
If you emerge yourself in better things you will see change 
What you saw that once drowned you, you will walk on that one day.

30: Sunday July 21, 2019 | Rich Watson – Our Praise is Our Weapon

30: Sunday July 21, 2019 | Rich Watson – Our Praise is Our Weapon 150 150 Melissa Scott

•Our praise is our weapon
-We fight our battles through praise 
•You May have to do the work, but God is standing in your corner cheering you on
•We don’t need another, slogan, message, etc. We need a MOVEMENT of God. 
•Why is God not moving in America the way he is in other countries? 
-Our freedom isn’t free. Count your blessings. 
– Hunger and desperation always gets Gods attention. 
– He is waiting on a move from us
– We have been on the sidelines for too long. It’s time to get in the game.
– No one else is coming. God has put you in the situation so stop looking over your shoulder. No one cares more about your family, no one cares more about your school. 
* II Chronicles 7:14 
* Matthew 23:12
– if we humble ourselves God will exalt us
– Jesus came as a servant. He washed people’s feet. (The was the worst job at the time). When Jesus came he showed us how to be humble. 
* Matthew 7:7 –
– Ask, seek, and knock if you want change in your life. 
* James 5:16
– take whatever you have to God and he will change it. 
* James 4:17 What is sin?
– Anything that you do that you know you are not supposed to do is sin. 
– We spend too much time trying to compare and find out what other people’s sin is that we lose track of what our own sin is. 
* There is always a right and wrong. Just because we give in, ignore, or feel we can’t overcome it, doesn’t make it okay. 
* Romans 6:15
-We are not under law, we are under Grace. 
Gods grace is sufficient for everything, but there comes a time where enough is enough. 
-Our actions determine Gods movement. 
•Gods love in unconditional but Obedience is not optional. 
* He won’t love you more if you do more, he won’t love you less if you do less. Be we must humble ourselves. 
* II Chronicles 7:14
-Where you are determines what you hear. 
– we let so many distractions get between us and God and we begin to lose what God is trying to tell us. 
•We need to live a lifestyle of repentance 
– Repentance means Turning and not returning. 
* Psalms 24:3
Gods knows your heart and your intentions 
Before we come to the table we must examine our selves.