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17 – Staff Spotlight – Pastors Rich and Mindy Watson

17 – Staff Spotlight – Pastors Rich and Mindy Watson 150 150 Melissa Scott

17 – Staff Spotlight – Pastors Rich and Mindy Watson
Staff Spotlight

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16: Mindy Watson | What Do You Do When Your Promise is Dead?

16: Mindy Watson | What Do You Do When Your Promise is Dead? 150 150 Melissa Scott

16: Mindy Watson | What Do You Do When Your Promise is Dead?

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2 Samuel 21:10-14

As Mothers we can be going into a difficult season, in a difficult season, or coming out of a difficult season.

We have to stand in the gap for our children.

We nag them, and lecture them but that doesn’t work. It makes them rebellious and distant, but when we push in prayer, we find break through.

James 5: 16

Ask, seek, and knock then believe that God can turn it around.

A mom’s love reminds me ya of Jesus’ love: UNCONDITIONAL.

Reckless love of Mom. There’s no wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down.

We don’t have to manipulate or control kids, give them to the Lord. They belong to God, we are to steward them well.

Acts 16:31
Joshua 24:15
Proverbs 22:6

Questions for Mother’s Day:
1. Will you grab ahold of the altar and pray until you see God change something in your kids life?
2. Are you willing to still fight, protect, and look a little crazy even if it looks like they’re dead?
3. Will you continue to love and serve your kids and other when they don’t appreciate it?
4. Will you never give up and quit?

There are times your kids will hate you, but you have to love them and never give up on them.

You are doing better than you think you are.

15 – Staff Spotlight – Mothers Day Interview with Kegan Wesley and Mindy Watson

15 – Staff Spotlight – Mothers Day Interview with Kegan Wesley and Mindy Watson 150 150 Melissa Scott

15 – Staff Spotlight – Mothers Day Interview with Kegan Wesley and Mindy Watson
Staff Spotlight

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Podcast host, Melissa Scott, sits down with Mindy and Kegan to talk about the dynamics of mother and son doing ministry together.

14: Mindy Watson | Tame Yo Tongue

14: Mindy Watson | Tame Yo Tongue 150 150 Melissa Scott

14: Mindy Watson | Tame Yo Tongue

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Let’s go over the Book of James.

There’s the power of life and death in your tongue! TAME YOUR TONGUE

What if we tamed our tongue and didn’t run our mouths? We’d probably have a lot less drama in our lives🤷🏼‍♀️

Because we follow Jesus we should look, act, and talk differently.

We’re constantly pointing out everyone else’s “big” sins.

1. Know that what you say matters. Your words are either weapons or can bring healing.
2. You can’t change your mouth, you have to let Jesus change your heart.
3. Your life is leadership. Let your life do the talking. Tame your tongue so people want to listen to you.

Only what builds others up according to their needs, not your needs. What is it that others need?

It’s important to watch what comes out of your mouth.

Once you release what you say, you can’t get it back.

Keep pressing towards the goal. We want our words to bring life to people. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m better than I was.


James 3: 9-10

Quit working on the SYMPTOMS. Work on the disease.
People aren’t the problem. Get rid of your past hurt, get rid of the bitterness.

When people avoid us or don’t like us, it doesn’t have anything to do with us as people, but it has something to do with our mouths.

You become the crew you hang out with.

When someone says something hurtful, it’s because hurting people hurt people.

Jesus wants to heal you and make you whole.

God is an inside out God.

Matthew 15: 11

Jesus makes people BETTER not BITTER!

We can tame:

We lie to look better than we are, to gain attention, and we want to expose someone else to make them look bad but we don’t have the guts to say it to their face.

There’s some truth in every “just kidding.”

Wisdom doesn’t need to lie.

James 3:17

Wisdom is grateful and gentle. It gets along with everyone.

How would your world look when you become thankful/ grateful.

We can only love Louisville back to life when we tame our tongue and let our lives do the talking.

13: Rich Watson | Changed

13: Rich Watson | Changed 150 150 Melissa Scott

13: Rich Watson | Changed

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The church struggles because it’s stuck in the old way of doing thing.

Adapting doesn’t mean abandoning.

The methods can change but the message never changes.

Prayer change: Lord so far today i’ve done alright. I haven’t been nasty or selfish but in a few minutes I’m going to get out of bed and I’m going to need your help for the rest of the day.

Change is a cause to be different. A transformation. Change is a process. Change doesn’t happen over night. God starts the process of transformation.

To see change, you have to get tired of the world and your world. You have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Church can’t be the only thing you do to change.
Get involved, walk like Jesus. Change only comes if you’re willing to do it. You’ll have to W-O-R-K for it.

True change takes place on the inside then it’ll show up on the outside.

5 steps to change:
1. Make up your mind. (Romans 12:2, Colossians 3:2)
2. Make a move.
3. Get alone.(Ephesians 4:22)
4. You have to stay connected. (2 Corinthians 5:17)
5. Learn to fly.

Chrysalis = Christ. Jesus is our protective coating and barrier.

A caterpillar crawls through life. They’re earth bound. They see through small eyes, and think small thoughts.

What is your perspective?

God didn’t design you to crawl around on the ground in the dirt.

A metamorphosis takes place when you allow change.

2 Corinthians 5:17

You are not who you used to be.
God wants you to stop looking back on your old ID. God wants you to look at His identification of you.

No two butterflies are alike. They’re unique just like you.

We have to live like masterpieces.
Colossians 3:2

Ephesians 2:6

We’ve been creeping around and now God says IT’S TIME TO FLY

Change is necessary. Change comes with giving your life to Jesus. God is looking to take you to new levels.

God wants to change you so completely that you won’t recognize yourself.

You’ll start thinking differently and acting differently. He will lead you and prompt you.

A butterfly came from a caterpillar that stayed in the process.

God always allows you to get back into the process.

12: Rich Watson | Easter 2019 – The Cross has the Final Word

12: Rich Watson | Easter 2019 – The Cross has the Final Word 150 150 Melissa Scott

12: Rich Watson | Easter 2019 – The Cross has the Final Word

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Somebody might have spoken something over you but the cross has the final word.

We might be a crumpled up mess but Jesus can make that mess into a message.

We’re going to get the rest of the story.

His story changed history.

His story can change your story.

John 19:30

The enemy always wants you to only see the darkness, negativity in your life, and the worst case scenario.

We had no access to God. We were guilty. After the veil tore, Jesus gave us access to God.

When Jesus said it is finished, He didn’t say I am finished.

He said depression and anxiety and addiction are finished!

There’s a first day in your life for everything! Today could be the first day of the rest of your life.

Luke 24:1

There’s a large stone that’s covering what we’re trying to get to. You can’t move it on your own. Prepare. Do you have an obstacle in your life? Prepare. Preparation gives you access.

Luke 24:5
Why do you keep hanging out in the grave yard? Why do you keep trying to give CPR to what God is trying to kill? God says get out of the grave yard.

His promises still stands. Great is His faithfulness. SEASON 2 IS COMING! This ain’t Netflix, this is real life! Aren’t you glad you weren’t canceled!?

God saw the sequel. A sequel is part two. It looks like you’re out but it’s not the end of your story. God said let’s see your sequel, you’re not finished. Don’t give up, get back up.

Luke 24:6
What you carried in with you today is no longer here. It’s your choice what you leave with.

Let’s go to a borrowed tomb in Jerusalem. The word borrowed means TO USE WITH THE INTENTION OF RETURNING. He borrowed His tomb because He knew he wasn’t buried.

Our worship is our warfare! SHAKE IT OFF.

His last day is your first day. It.Is.Finished.

By your spirit I will rise. Maybe someone’s burned you. From the ashes of defeat the resurrected King is resurrecting you!

Shake off the past and worship.

11: Rich Watson | Palm Sunday

11: Rich Watson | Palm Sunday 150 150 Melissa Scott

11: Rich Watson | Palm Sunday

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Easter isn’t just about candy. There’s a story we need to tell and there’s a story only your life can tell. Your story can change lives.

Mark 11:8-9

People will come to see.
Jesus is the living sacrifice.

God will never leave you in the place you’re at if you’re willing to do the work to get to where He wants you to be.

How quickly do we forget and turn away when Jesus asks more of us?
People who stay are the people who really want to know who God is.

Matthew 26:36

Sometimes God’s looking for us to pray a real prayer.

If we could save ourselves, we would have no hope.

*Is God asking you to do or say something that you don’t think you have the capacity to do? Pressure produces a diamond.

If you feel the pressure, you’re getting somewhere. God is trying to make a gem out of you.

Instead of a breakdown, you’re going to break through.

Matthew 26: 43-44

Whenever we get the the place that we’re serving God, we are able to release our cares and worries onto God. Break through not break down.

It may take one more step to build your strength or make a break through. Don’t give up. Keep going back to the Father.

Matthew 26:33-35
Matthew 26:56
Matthew 26:58

How closely do we follow? Why do we want to keep Jesus at a distance?

Closeness with God will cost you something.

If you’re trying to change yourself, it might not be sustainable. If God changes you, it can last a lifetime.

If you want to change, let God invade your personal space. You can have as much God that you want in your life.

God is willing to fight for you. He wants your heart.

Genesis 3:17

When the crown was placed on the King’s head, it represented the weight of the world. Jesus was thinking about the weight of your sin when He chose to do that.

Mark 15:34
Jesus has your sins of the past, present, and future.
Anytime you start to think about your bad day, praise God for his Good Friday.

Luke 23:34

Hebrews 12:2

As we reflect on this Easter season, take a day or two and fast /pray and put yourself in the position Jesus was in. Is it a good story someone told us or do we believe it? The course of human history was made on this weekend!

This decision could change your past, present, and future.

10: Mindy Watson | Don’t Take Being Chosen for Granted!

10: Mindy Watson | Don’t Take Being Chosen for Granted! 150 150 Melissa Scott

10: Mindy Watson | Don’t Take Being Chosen for Granted!

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Judas saw everything Jesus did. He was up close in personal. Judas took his purpose for granted.

Luke 22: 1-6

The world and the Church today most closely resemble Judas. Judas took his relationship for granted.

When you take relationships for granted, they fade away.
We don’t make big decisions to walk away from the Lord, it’s the little things in your day to day.

1. We have to quit ignoring when we feel convicted.
2. We have to avoid disobedience.
3. We have to avoid not dealing with the little hurts. Confrontation isn’t a bad thing. Shine light on dark areas.
4. Avoid becoming prideful and wanting our own when. Comparison is the thief of joy.
5. Avoid not staying accountable and confessing when you’re going through difficult times.

When the devil isolates you, he dominates you.
When we’re isolated, we start blaming everyone else. STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR LORD AND YOUR COMMUNITY.

We make small decisions over time that causes us to feel less connected.

We have to quit taking our purpose and relationship with the Lord for granted.

Your success and your failure is hidden in your daily routines and decisions.

Judas wanted what he wanted more than what Jesus wanted. You’re not stuck because you CAN’T you’re stuck because you WON’T. (Matthew 26: 22-25)

We want Jesus to be our savior but we don’t always want Him to be in control.

Judas betrayed Jesus for almost no money but he wanted the spotlight and glory.

1. What is IT that is all for me instead of what God wants from me? The name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name of the back of the jersey.
2. Has my love and honor for God grown cold? Do you fear the Lord and lost the awe?
3. What are you doing to betray Jesus?

Judas committee suicide. “How terrible it will be for the one who betrays me.” The enemy uses what you’re ashamed of to keep you from your purpose.

The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The devil got what he wanted from Judas.

Ask God to examine your heart and highlight the areas of darkness in your life.

We get lost. We’re imperfect. But the only way you lose is when you give up.
It’s okay to be sad and feel your feelings, but don’t stay stuck there. Be in the process.

God wants you, in your free will, to ask Him to change your life and allow Him to guide you.

LISTEN to what He’s telling you to stop or start.

09: Mindy Watson | Discover Your Purpose

09: Mindy Watson | Discover Your Purpose 150 150 Melissa Scott

09: Mindy Watson | Discover Your Purpose

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Excuses are the number one killer of your purpose.

God designed us to:
Know Him.
Find freedom.
Discover your purpose.
Make a difference.

Jesus changes EVERYTHING.

God calls us then prepares us to fulfill our purpose.

God wants us to remain faithful. Bring faithful is part of discovering your purpose.

When God can trust you with small things, He’s grooming you to take on the big things.

Matthew 25:23

What have you talked yourself out of that God is trying to talk you into?
Personal life?
Work life?
Church life?

We have excuses when God is calling us to something bigger.

We all have excuses. What excuses have you given to God, others, or yourself?

1. I’m not good enough/ adequate. (Exodus 3:11)
2. I don’t know enough. (Exodus 3: 13-14)
3. I’m not a good speaker. (Exodus 4:10)

Don’t die outside of your purpose.

Nobody can talk you into the purpose God has for you. You’re the only one who can do that.

Joshua listened to God and trusted Him, then led the Israelites into the promise land.

There’s no amount of money or people who can fulfill you like God can.

We forget that it’s supposed to be God’s will, not our will. We get weary in well doing when we do things in our timing, our way, and try to do things that don’t point towards God.

Our desires have to bow to His will.

We all have a purpose that is bigger than us. It matters to God, it matters to other people around you.

We have to stop making excuses for not fulfilling our purpose.

5 ways to discover your purpose:

1. Ask and ask again. (Matthew 7:7)
2. Read your bible.
3. Say yes. God speaks to us in good things.
4. Know that your purpose is about people and not things.
5. Be faithful until you know what God is leading you to next.

We grow from existing to really living.

Once you’ve discovered your purpose, you can make a difference by walking out your purpose.

What legacy are you leaving? You get to decide how you’re going to leave it.

If you’re comfortable you’re going through the motions. When you get uncomfortable after stepping out in faith, God will meet you and take you from glory to glory.

08: She Conference – Bianca Olthoff | Saturday Unplugged

08: She Conference – Bianca Olthoff | Saturday Unplugged 1200 741 Melissa Scott

08: She Conference – Bianca Olthoff | Saturday Unplugged
She Conference

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