64: Sunday March 01, 2020 | Rich Watson - Detox: Toxic = Harmful

Toxic = harmful
– why do bad things happen to good people?
– why does it seem like evil is winning?

– God created a perfect world and everything was good
Genesis 2:16
– God really wanted to have communion / relationship / intimacy with us

Toxic Choice
– Genesis 2:17
– when God says “but” you need to listen
– right in the middle of everything good God created a choice they had to make
– have you ever made a toxic choice that you regret?
– our choices determine our destination
– our choices determine how fast we get there
– choices can cause you to live in the past, limit your preset, and destroy your future
Toxic Enemy
– Genesis 3:1
– it all starts in the mind
– Did you hear God say it?!
– enemy makes you doubt with this question
Toxic Compromise
– Genesis 3:2-6
– compromise leads to disobedience
– the Bible says sin is pleasurable for a season, but after a while the pleasures of sin fall away
– one bite and we were infected with sin — just one choice can destroy your life
– sin starts with disobedience (it started that way in the Garden)
– James 4:17

We live in a toxic world — how do we detox?
– you have to start somewhere or you’ll get nowhere
– journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step

Pick a day this week to fast with Pastor Rich
– sometimes you have to do something outside of the normal to get to where God wants you

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