Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk
61: Sunday February 16, 2020 | Mindy Watson - Pillow Talk: The Big 5 in Marriage

pillow talk: relaxed intimate conversation normally after sexual relations
– pillow talk is SO MUCH more than that — it’s intimate conversations about real talk stuff

Romans 12:9-10

Commitment: do what you say you’re gonna do and don’t give up
– be committed to Gods will and Gods way not your will or your way
– number 1 cause of divorce = lack of commitment

What if you got committed to your spouse and honored them more than you honored yourself?

No matter where your marriage is right now, it’s time to release bitterness and the things you are doing that’s hurting your spouse, and ultimately your marriage.

1. Sex
– bible says it is enjoyed within the confines of marriage
– 1 Corinthians 7:2-5
– unless you are communicating about everything, you are not gonna have a good sex life
– honor your spouse more than yourself
– sex cannot be a one way street
– talk about your wants, likes, dislikes, etc.
– infidelity is the number 2 cause of divorce (institute of family studies)
– being shy or keeping secrets will not lead to great sex in marriage
2. Expectations
– you have to communicate (preferably before you get married) your expectations and talk through them
– who’s doing the cleaning, cooking?
– how many kids do you want?
– what’s the budget and who’s gonna pay the bills?
– honor your spouse more than yourself, your wants, and your needs and stick the expectations you set
3. In Laws
– don’t go rogue and tell your family about the issues in your marriage. honor your spouse
– when you get married your parents have to take a backseat

– kids also have to take a backseat to your marriage!!!!!!
4. Money
– number 3 major reason for divorce
– 1 Timothy 6:7-10
– We all want to live the American Dream
– but when we don’t live within the boundaries of our budget then you will find yourself in a nightmare
5. Communication
– every single one of these points, communication is within
– it is EVERYTHING!!
– The success or failure of your marriage depends on how well you communicate
– confront quickly
– have honest conversations
– don’t give the enemy a foothold !!
– get people into your life that will speak life and truth into your marriage
– honor your spouse when they get vulnerable with you

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