Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk
59: Sunday February 2, 2020 | Rich Watson - Pillow Talk: Back to Your First Love

What does love, marriage, and relationships look like after a while?!
– any relationship if you don’t cultivate it will lose it’s fire

pillow talk: relaxed intimate conversation associated with dishonesty

God loves to write love letters:
– God writes a love letter to the Church in Revelations

Revelations 2:2-3
– being positive always gets your attention.
– God was checking things off a list seeing all the things they were doing right
– positivity always opens the door for correction
– we check off Church on Sunday, have my offering, and read my Bible
– too often we focus on our acts of service to the Kingdom rather than focusing on God
Revelations 2:4
– life and hurt happens so we try to forget that relationship is there
– God has not forgotten about you
– God wants to show you who you are in 2020
– it doesn’t say he “lost” his first love, it says he “left” his first love.
– “left” = drifted
– the prodigal son left his home for a while
– God is still where you left Him
– sometimes it’s hard to find what we’re looking for because
– we’ve gone off track
– we’re blinded by the world
Revelations 2:5
– there are times when we have fallen and we can’t get up
– sometimes falling is fast or sometimes it’s a slow fade process
– What can cause you to fall?
– bad choices
– pride
– go back to the beginning and rediscover how good the Father is

Love prioritizes pursuing over performing
– the prodigal son went back to the Father and pursued the relationship he had
Love allows you to look in the mirror and not out the window all the time
– God has to show you where you’re going
To pursue means you do self-evaluation

Gods not looking for what you can check off on a box, He’s looking for you to come to Him and pursue Him

The son thought he was the only one pursuing but the Father was pursuing him everyday

God allows U-turns
– just turn around and return to your first love

Psalm 51:10-11
– David has a little pillow talk with God and asked for repentance

The story of the prodigal son and David shows mercy and that grace covers us. we are never too far from God

The relationship we have with Jesus Christ is the most important relationship we have. Once you pursue this one all the others will fall into place

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