My Big Church Podcasts
My Big Church Podcasts
55: Sunday, December 29, 2019 | Rich Watson - Starting Something New

After the holidays everything goes back to normal… but is that really what we want for 2020?
– How has 2019 been to you?!

How you leave one season can determine how you enter into the next season

Our life consists of three things:
1. past
– the past is the most crippling thing in our minds… we spend a lot of time there
– Philippians 3:13
– Isaiah 43:25
– unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, guilt, shame, regret only keeps you in bondage & trapped in the past
– These are the things of your past you need to let go NOT for their sake but for yours
– sometimes looking back is a good thing because you can look at what God has done in your life
2. present
– being comfortable brings complacency
– we have to keep moving forward
– Philippians 3:14
– when you want something from God you’ve got to press towards Him
– make Jesus your goal
– we have an upward call not just to barely make it
– don’t do just enough to get to the place where you need to be
3. future
– jeremiah 29:11
– the choices we make now will affect our future
– Ezekiel 46:9
– you can’t go back the same way you came in
– God wants to change you in a way that won’t allow you to go out the same way — He has a NEW way
– even though the old way is familiar, don’t get comfortable in your own captivity
Where do we start?
– We start with fasting and prayer
– Sometimes we try to put too much trust into a person, church, thing, relationship, position
– Jesus needs to be our first choice rather than the last resort
– Mark 9:23-24
– sometimes it’s not the lack of faith but the amount of unbelief we have in our hearts
– the enemy is going to talk to you no matter what, but we have to understand that He’s a liar and we need to ignore his voice and hear the voice of the Lord
– need to change the way we look at it to the way God looks at it
– Mark 9:29
– some things in your life can only come out by drastic measures
– with expectation comes preparation
– if you wanna see something happen you have to do the work to prepare for it
If we intentionally change what we give our attention to, it will change your affection

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