My Big Church Podcasts
My Big Church Podcasts
54: Sunday December 22, 2019 | Rich Watson - Light of the World

Light is a major theme of the Bible
– Genesis 1:1-4
– God used light to display what He was about to create
– everything in the physical was good, but when man fell — spiritual darkness happened
After 400 years there was a light that entered into the world
– they didn’t know it was Jesus though
– Isaiah 9:6
– they were looking for royalty — someone different than who came into the world
– God allowed the darkness so he could display the true light
– John 1:4-5
– many didn’t pay attention to this light because the light didn’t look appealing
– John 1:14
– Hebrews 4:15
the light was wrapped into humanity
– You cannot discard the light that came into the world, it was developed over a period of time
Jesus was born in the dark & it took him a period of time to develop. God had to wait for the specific time for him to come
– Jesus went through the process so we need to learn to go through the process
We can see the light if we pay attention
– God shines his light onto us
– it’s always available and it’s our choice
John 12:46

Are there areas where you’re walking into darkness?
– when Jesus’ light comes into our lives he exposes things we didn’t know we had before
Your limitations are Gods opportunity to shine
– the thing you thought was gonna kill you is the thing God is going to propel you with

Why should we shine?
– Matthew 5:16
– the world is watching us

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