Blessed Life
Blessed Life
46: Sunday November 01, 2019 | Mindy Watson - Blessed Life//Generosity

Acts 20:35
– Because of one little boys generosity it changed the course of 10,000+ people’s lives

John 6:1-3
Mark 6:34-37
John 6:8-9
Matthew 14:19-21

3 Things to Do to Live a Blessed Life:
1. Surrender
Surrender your life to God so He can bless it.
2. Be broken
We’ve gotta be broken like Jesus broke the bread
– brokenness brings humbleness in the Lord’s presence, we get very close to the Lord
– smart people learn from their mistakes but wise people learn from others mistakes
3. Give
Jesus gabe the bread and fish to the disciples to (1) increase their faith and (2) to teach them generosity
– (1) He takes what we give and he multiplies it
– (2) We learn by action
You become blessed by giving. You become confident by doing the very thing you’re afraid to do. You become disciplined by doing what you don’t always want to do.
– the little boy could have eaten his bread and been full, but because he gave it to Jesus it was multiplied and fed thousands of people, that’s what makes us have true fullness.

Some people have a bad attitude when churches talk about giving:
– every time you gone you are giving to God
– it is the stewardship of the Church that God looks at
– He wants you to give your money, but also give your time, talents, and energy
– He doesn’t want your money, he wants your heart!!!
– where your treasure is your heart is also
– “When you seek first the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness, all things else will be added to you”

Malachi 3:8-11
– we don’t give to get but when we give God will put His blessing on
– anything you want to be blessed, has to be in covenant
– Put the pressure on God

If you want to live a blessed life, you want to be a tither
– the enemy will do anything to keep you from God’s principals because once you learn it, it will transform your life & bring impact into the Kingdom of God and bring revival to the world

Test God and see what happens when you tithe. Try it this month and see what happens

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