My Big Church Podcasts
My Big Church Podcasts
45: Sunday October 27, 2019 | Rich Watson - Back to Life

The Israelites possessed the blessings in the promised land but they forgot who the real
blesser was.

Ezekiel 37:1
– The Israelites found themselves in a valley of hopelessness
– there are going to be valleys in your life. the enemy is going to want to use the valley to hurt you

What do you do in the valley?
– You don’t listen to the valley
– it’s going to tell you there’s no hope
– isolation is one of the biggest tools of the enemy
– when he isolated he dominates
– You gotta step into your valley
– you don’t achieve great faith until you give God your small faith
– you don’t have awesome faith until you have broken faith
– give God your “not enough”
– He wants you to come the way you are so He can make you whole
– God allows valleys so you can get closer to Him
– fruit grows in the valley, not in the mountain
– God grows us in the valleys
– Don’t talk about the valleys talk TO the valleys
– say it until you see it
– Keep walkin
– you walk through the valleys you don’t camp out in them
– Psalms 23:4
– Even if it’s slow progress, MOVE FORWARD.
– Where you’re at today doesn’t determine where you’re going
Ezekiel 37:2-14
– wherever we go there are people who need hope and expectation breathed into them
– You get what you expect
– God is looking for available people
– We get dry over a period of time
– we let the exposure to things we shouldn’t be exposed to dry us up
– How to put meat on your bones:
– not optional!!!
– THE WORD (the Bible)
– be intentional
– there should be a time and place
– We are thirsty for things of the world
– He wants to fill us up with Him so we don’t go back to the same things we used to
– are you thirsting for the wrong things?
2 Timothy 3:16-17
– he wants the word to get implanted in us so we can be complete

You’ve gotta learn to listen to something that you’re not used to listening to
– praise and worship is not for you it’s for HIM

The world says “rest in peace” but God says “RISE IN POWER”
– dead thing are coming back to life
– our dreams and hopes and future
– sometimes there are things you need to leave in the grave

The answer to emptiness and dryness is the Holy Spirit

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