40: Sunday September 29, 2019 | Rich Watson - David Series: There's Purpose in the Pasture

1 Samuel 16:11-
– He was seen but still overlooked
– David had to choose to go to the party even though he wasn’t invited
– sometimes you gotta go even when you don’t feel like it
– There is a place at the table that only you can fill
– sometimes we see weakness and God sees strength

What do you think the journey back to the pasture looked like for David after he was anointed as king?
1. The Pasture is Not Punishment
– if you treat the pasture as punishment you’re always going to be in timeout
– David started to let hurt & pride come in
– God had to eliminate the WHY to get to the WHAT
– God sent him back to the pasture to prepare
– There is a process you have to go through
– Isaiah 40:31
– God elevates through elimination
– Correction in private will avoid being corrected in public
– Correction is a good thing
– God took David into the private places & corrected him
– there are things that God wants us to unlearn some habits & learn some new ones
– Gods timing is not our timing
How did David not lose hope after 20 years of waiting?
– serving looks like doing things you don’t want to do for the season that you’re in
– what looks like humiliation really is preparation

Waiting on God does not mean doing nothing

2. Pasture turns obstacles into opportunities
– David learned how to be with God
– He turned the obstacle of silence into listening
– “Be still and know that I am God”
– He took the mundane and turned it into practice
– we have to take our boredom and turn it into battle ready

3. The Pasture helps you see something differently
– David started seeing things through God’s eyes
– Look at your scars as a badge of honor not of death
God does his best work when no one else is looking
– God is more interested in preparation than punishment

We live in a world where we want to be seen but God wants to work with us in private

God didn’t get to know David in the palace, He got to know him in the pasture

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