39: Sunday September 22, 2019 | Mindy Watson - David Series : Just a Glance

David had achieved great success but the devil comes as an angel of light so he can pull us off the path and distract us from what God has for us
– sometimes we get really busy doing good things for God when he really just wants our relationship
– does God have your heart and your gaze?

2 Samuel 11:1 – 27
– first red flag in verse 1
– While all of the men are out fighting, David stays at home
– He knew what to do but he didn’t do it
– how many times do we do our own thing when God tells us a better way?
– Romans 12:2
– We MUST take those thoughts captive so we can shake them
– David saw Bathsheba at JUST A GLANCE
– when we ignore the red flags that the Holy Spirit sends we will fall
– it takes a lot longer to get up then to fall
– both David and Bathsheba were exposed
– The devil tempts us with just a little
– we have to keep our guards up or he will take us out
– Just a glance turned into a downward spiral of sin
– a little lust turned into a little adultery which turned into deception and eventually turned into murder
– a slow fade
– Culture today has watered down scripture so much that we don’t think there are consequences to our sin anymore
– the Bible says sin is death — spiritual death
– you end up getting further & further from the Lord
– When we are rebuked and challenged, we have a decision to make
– we can get mad at the messenger
– or we can take what they tell us and process it with the lord
– these challenges don’t come from a hateful heart, but rather from love
David was called a man after God’s own heart
– he was not perfect but the reason because he was called this is because he didn’t stay in failure. He got back up and repented and received forgiveness.
God is in the restoration business

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