37 : Sunday September 8, 2019 | Rich Watson – David Series : Chosen But Not Picked

God wanted to be the king of Israel but Israel wanted to have their own king
– God wants to be something in our life but often we want someone or something else to take the thrown

1 Samuel 16:6-13
– We often look at surface things
– Culture paints a picture that if we don’t have all the great material things then we won’t be happy
– What’s important to God is what is in your heart
– Do you have a heart condition this morning?
– Israel wanted a KING and God wanted a HEART
– David was the 8th son, so being chosen was (in their culture) normally unheard of
– We live in a world that says “You just don’t measure up”
– David would be the person to have major insecurity in him, he didn’t even get invited to the party at his own families house
– But he didn’t do that. He didn’t compare himself. He knew who he was in God
– Have you been labeled?
– You gotta be careful because once you name it you’re stuck with it
– God knew before you were formed that you would have deficiencies, but He doesn’t label you from those. He rips up the labels and calls you by NAME
– Just because you’re not in the lineup doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have something lined up for you
– God knows you and labels you AS HIS OWN!
– What God says about you has the power to change everything about you forever
1 Peter 5:6
– there is a time coming, if you will remain faithful, that God will lift you up and exalt you

God anointed David in the MIDST of his brothers

David had the opportunity to believe he couldn’t get to his destiny because of the insecurities or labels that had been placed on him BUT he chose to believe what God said about him

Isaiah 43:18-19

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