My Big Church Podcasts
My Big Church Podcasts
36 : Sunday September 1, 2019 | Rich Watson - Is It Worth the Work?

Luke 19:1-8

1. Is it worth the work not to give up? 
– a lot of times we see the obstacles coming in our lives 
– the crowd for Zaccheaus 
– the crowd can hold you back 
– Zaccheaus was short 
– you cannot let your limitations keep you from where God wants you to go 
– Zaccheaus had a bad reputation 
– don’t let excuses make you miss Jesus 
– matthew was following Jesus and it gave Zaccheaus hope because matthew was a chief tax collector as well 
– It’s worth the work to see Jesus 
– Zaccheaus wanted to get to a better vantage point so he could see Jesus 
– We think we’re really seeking Jesus but Jesus is seeking US 
– Jesus passed through town to see Zaccheaus and even knew his name
– Jesus saw something different in Zaccheaus 
– How many times does fear keep us in the tree? 
– Many times God is calling you into the unknown but we’re afraid 
2. Is it worth the work to say yes? 
– when you say yes there are gonna be haters 
3. Is it worth the work to make things right?
– repentance is the first step to making things right in your life & for someone else 
– religion says “change and you will find god” but god says “if you seek me i will change you”

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