My Big Church Podcasts
My Big Church Podcasts
31: Sunday July 28, 2019 | Rich Watson – Don't Try to Get Used to the Water, Just Jump In!

Come on in, the water is fine
Matthew 3:13-16
-Everyone came to get baptized by John but no one really knew what was gonna happen. 
-John laid down his pride when Jesus came and he said here comes the son of God. 
-Jesus is our message not our politics, our ideas or our ways. Our government rests on Gods shoulder. 
-Jesus is our message, we can’t figure it out on our own. 
-Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life
– Religion restricts you and relationship releases you!!!
– Jesus will walk with you through always 
– Jesus was sinless. Why would he want to be baptized?
– Jesus had to submit and represent us
– Philippians 2:6
– Jesus got in the water with us he didn’t judge us. 
– Jesus was not afraid of their mess. He met them where they were. Come the way you are and dive in the water and Jesus will take you where you need to go. 
– There is another in the water standing next to you. 
– Jesus takes you into a process and he makes and molds you. 
– Not everyone will see your process. 
– Example of you being in the process: You don’t talk the way you did. 
– They don’t see the full process but the see the end product. 
– If there is no lasting change in our lives we must come and repent. 
– Jesus associated with sinners but not with sin. 
– We are in the world but not of the world. 
– We have to cut the things off in our life that are pulling us down. 
– God is throwing us a life preserver 
Matthew 3:16-17
Jesus was identified as a son
– validation comes after obedience. 
– He said not my will be done but your be done, God. 
– If we just get in the water and not worry about what it looks, smells, taste like we will be born again. 
– If we confess and believe we will be saved 
– Being saved doesn’t lock you up, i it unlocks you
– When we give our heart to Jesus our life has just begun. 
– We can discover who we are. When Jesus was baptized he was identified as the son. 
– False identity comes from insecurity 
– We are not what others say we are. 
– God validates you as a son and daughter. 
– God has standards in his life but if we don’t live up to them he doesn’t love us any less. 
– He affirmed Jesus before he ever performs a miracle. 
– God loves you and affirms you
– You don’t have to catch up to Gods love because it’s right in your reach. 
– It’s very important to know scripture. You must hide scripture in your heart for times in need. 
– In my weakness he is made strong. 
– Philippians 4:13 
– Be brave be fearless
– II Chorithians 6:18
– Romans 8:17
If you feel like you are drowning, whatever you emerge yourself in, you come up as. 
If you keep emerging yourself in depression, bad relationship, etc you won’t see change. 
If you emerge yourself in better things you will see change 
What you saw that once drowned you, you will walk on that one day.

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