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My Big Church Podcasts
28: Sunday July 7, 2019 | Rich Watson - Freedom isn't Free

China and Iran are the fastest growing churches in the world – they have to take a risk.

In some parts of the world, the only way people can talk about God is when they’re ministering to their executioners.

Are you free or under the impression of being free?

Liberty- the state and condition of people who are able to act and speak freely.
Free- not under control of:

Church isn’t for perfect people. If you had it all together, you wouldn’t be here.

Find freedom through ACCOUNTABILITY.

Jesus was the greatest freedom message.

Jesus didn’t come to hang with the popular crowd.

If everyone fit in, Jesus wouldn’t of come like He did.

True ministry is messy. This is heartbreaking work. 
Sometimes you’ll wonder, “Is this what you’ve really called me to do, God?”

2 Peter 2:20-21

To get freedom, you have to know you’ve already been given freedom. God is looking for us to accept that we already have freedom through Him. — Addiction, depression, anxiety.
It only gets bad if you go back to where you were.

Accountability + responsibility = freedom.

Once you have knowledge of God, you are accountable to Him.

The truth will set you free. Jesus is the way, truth, and light. The truth is the key to freedom.

Stand in your freedom, even when it’s not easy.

Galatians 5:1

Stand in your salvation. Know what God has already done for you. Stand in your physical and emotional healing.

ACCEPT your freedom. God wants to undo what you did.

Isaiah 58:6

God sees your sin in pencil. You see it in permanent marker.

God knows you’ll make mistakes in the future and He’s already forgiven you.

Sin leaves residue. God wants to wipe away the residue of what you’ve done.

VALUE your freedom.

Our freedom cost God something. You were night with a price.

David wouldn’t offer sacrifices that didn’t cost him something. Getting to your purpose will cost you something but it’s worth so much more.

You become a slave to whatever you give yourself and attention to.

Paul, who wrote 3/4 of the new testimony, said, “I’m a prisoner of the Lord and a slave of righteousness.” 
True freedom comes from dependence. God wants us to give up our way of doing thing.
Is your pride in the way? Are you suffering underneath the surface?

When you come to God it’s not a democracy. You don’t get a vote in it when you come to Jesus.

When you fire yourself and die to the way you want things to be, you’ll love who you hire more (God.)

History lesson: July 4th wasn’t actually the day of independence- it’s the day they approved the wording on that day, but signed it in August ..but the word got out.

When the word gets out hat you’re free, you don’t have to have someone else sign off on it!

Bound people can’t free people.

Live in your freedom from _________. Fill in the blank.

Have you been sitting in a cell for years? You have access to get out. Jesus opened the door to give you freedom, you just have to get up and open the door.

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