Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit
23: Rich Watson | Holy Spirit Series - Holy Who?

Jesus said I’m leaving you someone who is better than me!

Peace, Joy, and Happiness come when the Holy Spirit arrives.

Noun- person, place, or thing

He’s called: Holy Ghost/ Holy Spirit/ Spirit of God/ Spirit of Truth

Is he an event? Is he a person?
The Holy Spirit is a WHO.

The Holy Spirit is NOT chaos.
1 Corinthians 14:40

God does things in decency and order.

When things are out of order, we don’t want to invite people to church.

The Holy Spirit is not forceful. He doesn’t want us to build up walls inside us.

God will show you what the world can look like when the real power of God shows up.

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He respects your free will.

*He acts when we ask.

The Holy Spirit isn’t crazy. He’s not like your crazy uncle or cousin.
1 Corinthians 14:33

We are who we are because we’ve invited the Holy Spirit into us.

Why are we so apprehensive? Why do we deny His power?

2 Timothy 3:5

God is looking for what we look like on the inside, not the outside. What you do Monday-Saturday matters.

Do you have plates and silverware that you only bring out on special occasions. Why do we have things around that we’re not willing to use?

What you struggle with, you cannot conquer it by yourself.

Do you have that towel hanging up in your bathroom that you’re not allowed to use? The towel is used to clean us up but you can’t be scared to use Him for your sweat and tears in everyday use!

Have you ever heard bad things about someone from a third party? You have a distorted or inaccurate view of them. That’s what’s happened in the church world.

Once you meet the Holy Spirit, every misconception of Him will change. It is a relationship.

When a farmer grows crops, his desire is the fruit but he has to be in relationship with the seed.

He sows, waters, and tends to the plants and waits on the plants, he’s going to be able
to reap the benefits.

You’re going to see progress if you keep tending and cultivating your relationship with the Holy Spirit- you’ll start seeing the fruit of the spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23


If you don’t see what you want to right now, but stay connected to the vine. Your fruit just isn’t ripe yet. Stay on the vine.

We need more time, patience, and endurance in our relationship with God.

When you’re ready, you have to share what you have with other people.

It’s not Holy Who? It’s Holy Spirit you’re my friend and stick closer to me than a brother.
You don’t have to ask the Holy Spirit to show up- He shows up every time you show up.

You have to be a carrier- carry the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to come in to your life by your salvation. Have you said yes to salvation? Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior and allowed Him to wash away all your sins. He’s looking for you to surrender and allow Him to take over. Open yourself and your heart to Him.

Are you tired of just a few victories? The Holy Spirit equips you to live a victorious life if you open your heart up to Him.

The Holy Spirit is trying to do the best that He can if you’ll open your heart up to Him!

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