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My Big Church Podcasts
18: Kegan Wesley | What it Means When You Are Stretched

God isn’t looking for perfection, He is looking for progression. Life is filled with life lessons.

Being stretched and stretching faith.

Do you feel stretched?

God has called us to live a large life.
The head and not the tail.
The salt of the earth, not salty.

Philippians 3:12-14

You can’t say God use me and then say you feel used.
You can’t say make me a bridge, but then complain that you feel walked on/walked all over.

Be aware of what you can take. We want you to burn for Jesus, not be burned out.

Stretching can hurt.

Flex your faith. Being flexible with your faith and it’ll allow you to stretch yourself.

Your faith is like a rubber band. Your faith is pointless unless it’s stretched. Unless it’s stretched it won’t be properly used.

The rubber band has to be stretched beyond its regular form.

A lot of people look at the highlight reel. God looks at the hard work.

1 Samuel 17: 31

Esther 8:4

There’s a lot of grind that has to happen to get you to glory.

You can’t be distracted before destiny.


Failures and flaws- your issue is not your identity.
The struggle might be real but so is your savior.

Jesus says stretch out your weakness. In our weakness, He is made strong. God says worship me and I will fight on your behalf.

God says I can set you free if you stretch yourself.

God doesn’t have obstacles, He has opportunities.

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