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My Big Church Podcasts
12: Rich Watson | Easter 2019 - The Cross has the Final Word

Somebody might have spoken something over you but the cross has the final word.

We might be a crumpled up mess but Jesus can make that mess into a message.

We’re going to get the rest of the story.

His story changed history.

His story can change your story.

John 19:30

The enemy always wants you to only see the darkness, negativity in your life, and the worst case scenario.

We had no access to God. We were guilty. After the veil tore, Jesus gave us access to God.

When Jesus said it is finished, He didn’t say I am finished.

He said depression and anxiety and addiction are finished!

There’s a first day in your life for everything! Today could be the first day of the rest of your life.

Luke 24:1

There’s a large stone that’s covering what we’re trying to get to. You can’t move it on your own. Prepare. Do you have an obstacle in your life? Prepare. Preparation gives you access.

Luke 24:5
Why do you keep hanging out in the grave yard? Why do you keep trying to give CPR to what God is trying to kill? God says get out of the grave yard.

His promises still stands. Great is His faithfulness. SEASON 2 IS COMING! This ain’t Netflix, this is real life! Aren’t you glad you weren’t canceled!?

God saw the sequel. A sequel is part two. It looks like you’re out but it’s not the end of your story. God said let’s see your sequel, you’re not finished. Don’t give up, get back up.

Luke 24:6
What you carried in with you today is no longer here. It’s your choice what you leave with.

Let’s go to a borrowed tomb in Jerusalem. The word borrowed means TO USE WITH THE INTENTION OF RETURNING. He borrowed His tomb because He knew he wasn’t buried.

Our worship is our warfare! SHAKE IT OFF.

His last day is your first day. It.Is.Finished.

By your spirit I will rise. Maybe someone’s burned you. From the ashes of defeat the resurrected King is resurrecting you!

Shake off the past and worship.

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