My Big Church Podcasts
My Big Church Podcasts
11: Rich Watson | Palm Sunday

Easter isn’t just about candy. There’s a story we need to tell and there’s a story only your life can tell. Your story can change lives.

Mark 11:8-9

People will come to see.
Jesus is the living sacrifice.

God will never leave you in the place you’re at if you’re willing to do the work to get to where He wants you to be.

How quickly do we forget and turn away when Jesus asks more of us?
People who stay are the people who really want to know who God is.

Matthew 26:36

Sometimes God’s looking for us to pray a real prayer.

If we could save ourselves, we would have no hope.

*Is God asking you to do or say something that you don’t think you have the capacity to do? Pressure produces a diamond.

If you feel the pressure, you’re getting somewhere. God is trying to make a gem out of you.

Instead of a breakdown, you’re going to break through.

Matthew 26: 43-44

Whenever we get the the place that we’re serving God, we are able to release our cares and worries onto God. Break through not break down.

It may take one more step to build your strength or make a break through. Don’t give up. Keep going back to the Father.

Matthew 26:33-35
Matthew 26:56
Matthew 26:58

How closely do we follow? Why do we want to keep Jesus at a distance?

Closeness with God will cost you something.

If you’re trying to change yourself, it might not be sustainable. If God changes you, it can last a lifetime.

If you want to change, let God invade your personal space. You can have as much God that you want in your life.

God is willing to fight for you. He wants your heart.

Genesis 3:17

When the crown was placed on the King’s head, it represented the weight of the world. Jesus was thinking about the weight of your sin when He chose to do that.

Mark 15:34
Jesus has your sins of the past, present, and future.
Anytime you start to think about your bad day, praise God for his Good Friday.

Luke 23:34

Hebrews 12:2

As we reflect on this Easter season, take a day or two and fast /pray and put yourself in the position Jesus was in. Is it a good story someone told us or do we believe it? The course of human history was made on this weekend!

This decision could change your past, present, and future.

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