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My Big Church Podcasts
10: Mindy Watson | Don't Take Being Chosen for Granted!


Judas saw everything Jesus did. He was up close in personal. Judas took his purpose for granted.

Luke 22: 1-6

The world and the Church today most closely resemble Judas. Judas took his relationship for granted.

When you take relationships for granted, they fade away.
We don’t make big decisions to walk away from the Lord, it’s the little things in your day to day.

1. We have to quit ignoring when we feel convicted.
2. We have to avoid disobedience.
3. We have to avoid not dealing with the little hurts. Confrontation isn’t a bad thing. Shine light on dark areas.
4. Avoid becoming prideful and wanting our own when. Comparison is the thief of joy.
5. Avoid not staying accountable and confessing when you’re going through difficult times.

When the devil isolates you, he dominates you.
When we’re isolated, we start blaming everyone else. STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR LORD AND YOUR COMMUNITY.

We make small decisions over time that causes us to feel less connected.

We have to quit taking our purpose and relationship with the Lord for granted.

Your success and your failure is hidden in your daily routines and decisions.

Judas wanted what he wanted more than what Jesus wanted. You’re not stuck because you CAN’T you’re stuck because you WON’T. (Matthew 26: 22-25)

We want Jesus to be our savior but we don’t always want Him to be in control.

Judas betrayed Jesus for almost no money but he wanted the spotlight and glory.

1. What is IT that is all for me instead of what God wants from me? The name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name of the back of the jersey.
2. Has my love and honor for God grown cold? Do you fear the Lord and lost the awe?
3. What are you doing to betray Jesus?

Judas committee suicide. “How terrible it will be for the one who betrays me.” The enemy uses what you’re ashamed of to keep you from your purpose.

The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The devil got what he wanted from Judas.

Ask God to examine your heart and highlight the areas of darkness in your life.

We get lost. We’re imperfect. But the only way you lose is when you give up.
It’s okay to be sad and feel your feelings, but don’t stay stuck there. Be in the process.

God wants you, in your free will, to ask Him to change your life and allow Him to guide you.

LISTEN to what He’s telling you to stop or start.

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