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My Big Church Podcasts
09: Mindy Watson | Discover Your Purpose

Excuses are the number one killer of your purpose.

God designed us to:
Know Him.
Find freedom.
Discover your purpose.
Make a difference.

Jesus changes EVERYTHING.

God calls us then prepares us to fulfill our purpose.

God wants us to remain faithful. Bring faithful is part of discovering your purpose.

When God can trust you with small things, He’s grooming you to take on the big things.

Matthew 25:23

What have you talked yourself out of that God is trying to talk you into?
Personal life?
Work life?
Church life?

We have excuses when God is calling us to something bigger.

We all have excuses. What excuses have you given to God, others, or yourself?

1. I’m not good enough/ adequate. (Exodus 3:11)
2. I don’t know enough. (Exodus 3: 13-14)
3. I’m not a good speaker. (Exodus 4:10)

Don’t die outside of your purpose.

Nobody can talk you into the purpose God has for you. You’re the only one who can do that.

Joshua listened to God and trusted Him, then led the Israelites into the promise land.

There’s no amount of money or people who can fulfill you like God can.

We forget that it’s supposed to be God’s will, not our will. We get weary in well doing when we do things in our timing, our way, and try to do things that don’t point towards God.

Our desires have to bow to His will.

We all have a purpose that is bigger than us. It matters to God, it matters to other people around you.

We have to stop making excuses for not fulfilling our purpose.

5 ways to discover your purpose:

1. Ask and ask again. (Matthew 7:7)
2. Read your bible.
3. Say yes. God speaks to us in good things.
4. Know that your purpose is about people and not things.
5. Be faithful until you know what God is leading you to next.

We grow from existing to really living.

Once you’ve discovered your purpose, you can make a difference by walking out your purpose.

What legacy are you leaving? You get to decide how you’re going to leave it.

If you’re comfortable you’re going through the motions. When you get uncomfortable after stepping out in faith, God will meet you and take you from glory to glory.

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