My Big House
My Big House
04: Rich Watson - My Big House Series:A House Divided

It was March Madness for Jesus:
John 6:14
John 6:26

Were they hungry or HUNGRY? Did they want something to eat or were Jesus’ followers hungry for His word and teachings?

Jesus was looking for players, not spectators.
Are we in the game or just go to the game?

There’s no real commitment

Fans mistake admiration for devotion.
They mistake knowledge for intimacy.
Jesus doesn’t what you to know about Him, He wants you to know Him.

There’s no way to follow Jesus without interference. You’ll see changes in your life. He’ll start cutting things out

John 6:35

Jesus says, “do you love me or just want my benefits?”

The enemy is trying to convince you that your old life was better.

Mark 3:25

When we think of “a house divided” we think of UK and UofL. But the enemy wants to divide your house, divide your marriage, divide your friendships, and so on.

Mark 6:2-4

Your family and friends will see that your life is changing. If there’s not a change in your life than something’s wrong. People will start noticing which team you’re on when you’re on team Jesus.

Division stifles what God wants to do.

Mark 6:5-6
He couldn’t do anything with the home team so we went recruiting. Jesus will never stop until the team is complete.

Jesus is calling us to be on His team. He’s the coach. The problems we have are happening because we haven’t figured out how to be a team player.

The bench can motivate you or make a victim out of you.

We love walk-ons. They didn’t get a scholarship but they know what team they want to be on. They put in the hard work knowing they may never get the spotlight. I MAY NOT HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT BUT I KNOW I WANT TO BE ON GOD’S TEAM.

There’s UNITY in commUNITY.

Hebrews 12:1

Maybe you feel like you’re not in the game, not on the bench, or even in the stadium. No matter the score, no how much time is left in the game or who the opponent is- with Jesus we win.

God is the God of the comeback! He sees you as valuable.

We need to tell the devil NOT IN MY HOUSE.

Sometimes you just have to take a time-out to:
•re-evaluate the team you’re on
•create momentum for yourself
•break the momentum of the enemy
•get rest

God rested in Genesis! on the 7th day he RESTED.

God isn’t just looking for the star of the team, He’s looking for YOU.

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