• Age requirement 16(If you are under the age of 16 and feel you are capable to commit, please have a conversation with Pastor Mindy)
  • To be at every intern meeting, service and scheduled event with a heart to serve. Growth is out of your comfort zone, so if you don’t take this seriously, people won’t take your role seriously.
  • To accept a role on a team for each BIG Church and The Refuge experiences to get the most out of my internship
  • To be at EVERY internship and service ON TIME with any materials (binder, pen, books given to you) needed ready to learn and serve
  • Treat this opportunity with the same respect you would your job. you may be too tired to go to work, but you still go!
  • Complete every assignment with excellence
  • Represent Jesus and our church well. Your personal conduct at church and outside of church will be monitored and called out if inappropriate…not to punish you but to get you to think and grow.
  • Be present to the moment during all of your internship training and church services. Do not be texting, scrolling on social media, etc unless we are asking you to.
    By filling out the application, I’m agreeing to all of the above expectations.