9:45 am + 11:30 am at 7209 Fegenbush Lane Louisville, KY 40228

Core Values

• Jesus is our Message. The good news of the gospel is Jesus was crucified on a cross and was resurrected to restore our relationship with God.

• People are our purpose-all ages, races, genders and walks of life. Jesus loves all and so do we. You can belong before you believe

• Community is our heart. We believe people need a place to belong and are committed to provide opportunities for connection

• Unity is what we fight for. We encourage each other and are family. We can’t be stopped when we are united

• Honor is our commitment. From the pastors to our 1st time guests, we will love people where they are. We want every person to feel like they are important

• Creativity is key- We are driven to be creative because we serve the greatest creator. We reach people by any means necessary

• Life Giving Church- Church should be fun and never boring. We believe energy and excellence should be put into everything we do. Excitement is contagious and may be the determining factor of someone following Jesus

• Generosity is our privilege. Our time, talent and resources are a gift from God and we want to steward what He has given us

• Servant Leadership is our code. We live in a culture that is very me focused, but we believe that Jesus called us to focus on others more than ourselves. We believe if you are too big to serve, you are too small to lead. From the parking lot to the platform, everyone serves. Every role is important and is ministry.

• We are called to develop the next generation of leaders by empowering them and giving them ownership

• Excellence is our spirit. We always do the best with what we have. We are on time, engaged and prepared.

• Grace is our right. We may not always agree 100% on everything so we depend on grace because we all need it.