Big Worship Collective

We exist to create spaces for Jesus to transform lives.

EST. 2019

 “It is the biggest honor to lead worship and to see people have an encounter with Jesus. We literally get to watch people step into salvation, and give Jesus their “yes.” There is nothing more beautiful.”

Ashley Durrett

 “I love creating a space for people to know Jesus so that they know their true calling and can walk in freedom.”

Gabrielle Miles

 “I love this team because all the glory is turned back to God, nobody is more important than the Reason we are worshiping. This team is my family.”

Jake Reece

 “I love that everyone who’s a part of Big Worship Collective has a heart for Jesus and for others. We get to lead in worship to draw people into the presence of Jesus.”

Renita Castano

 “I love how much fun we have when we’re all together. It definitely makes our team stronger.”

Paige Post

 “I value a space of creativity, spontaneity, and being connected as a family. We are so united. We cry, laugh, hold each other accountable, and lift each other up together. “

Gary Jordan

 “I’m blessed to serve as a member of Big Worship Collective because for some people, we’re one of the first encounters of Jesus that people ever experience. “

Luke scott

 “This team is a family. We can lean on each other for anything we need, and we support each other 100%. “

James Briley

 “Big worship collective has exposed me to what it’s really like to have a relationship with Jesus and to worship him, like the king he is! I know what it feels like being on the receiving side of worship, because of that, I am so blessed to use my gift of music and bring the congregation to Jesus’ throne room.”

Salma Meza

 “The reason I love being a part of a Big Worship Collective is getting to be on a team that has the same mindset as you, that’s to lift up the one who paid it all! “

Josh Johnson

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